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January 18, 2018

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Release Date: 01/04/2018

The Seattle Public Library Partners With Washington State Library to Offer Library Cards to Inmates Being Released in King County

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The Seattle Public Library and Washington State Library are working together to provide Library cards for people re-entering communities after incarceration.


This partnership will help formerly incarcerated individuals connect with Library classes, such as How to Apply for a Job with a Conviction History and computer skills classes, as well as job resources, tax help, housing help, business information and more.


Formerly incarcerated individuals can face many roadblocks to successful re-entry, including financial instability; lack of access to ID, reliable transportation, and housing; and limited awareness of available resources. The Library has many resources and services to help patrons overcome these challenges, yet these challenges can also create barriers to accessing the Library.


"Getting Library cards into the hands of people before they are released will provide that first tool that connects them with the library and welcomes them back into our communities," said Deborah Sandler, a librarian at The Seattle Public Library. "Whether they need help navigating resources and building skills, or if they are interested in using Library collections and programs as job-seekers, parents, scholars, students and lifelong learners, we look forward to starting a relationship with these community members and being part of their support system."


For more information, call the Library at 206-386-4636 or Ask a Librarian.

For more information contact:

Andra Addison, communications director

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