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Receive Notices by E-Mail or Phone

How can I get notices about my Library account?

You can get notices from the Library by Email or phone, as well as some additional options.


Email notification

If you have an email address linked to your Library card, you will automatically receive these notices:

  • Overdue and almost overdue alerts
  • Holds ready for pickup and holds activation
  • Billing notices


Check your Account Settings to see if you have an email linked to your account or to add an email address. Email services may place email notices in your spam or junk mail folder. Please make sure your spam or junk mail folder is set to accept messages from


Phone notification

If you prefer, you can sign up to get automated phone messages via Telecirc by speaking with checkout staff or calling 206-386-4190. With Telecirc you'll get notices for:

  • Overdue items
  • Billing notices
  • Holds ready for pickup


Other notification options

Library Elf

You can sign up with Library Elf to receive overdue and hold notifications. 

  • Get Email notifications as often as you choose
  • Other notification options: SMS (text message), iCal, and RSS
  • Add additional library cards to a single account (examples: your library card, a family member's library card, a King County Library System card, etc.)


See Library Elf privacy policy and FAQ.



You can receive alerts when new items on favorite topics or authors become available using RSS. Search the catalog for something (author, subject, keyword) and scroll down to the RSS button to set up an RSS feed.


Need help?

Ask a Librarian, visit any Library location, or call us at 206-386-4190.

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