Current Volunteer Opportunities

We are offering the Adult Tutor and Homework Helper roles for volunteers who are at least 18 years old and a high school graduate. Please read the Volunteer Roles section below for more information.

Contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator to ask about volunteer openings and request a volunteer application during June - December 2024.

Visit the following websites to learn about other volunteer opportunities that are available in the community.

Volunteer Roles

Adult Tutor

Volunteers provide tutoring for ESOL and adult basic education learners who are developing skills in conversational English, reading comprehension, writing, basic math, and preparing for the U.S. Naturalization and GED tests. Volunteers are asked to tutor learners once a week for at least six months. The year-round Adult Education Tutoring Program is offered at the Broadview, Lake City and Rainier Beach branches. New Adult Tutors are placed in the fall and as needed during the year.

Homework Helper

Volunteers support students with their homework assignments and with developing literacy, mathematics and learning skills during the school year. The Homework Help Program is available for youth in grades K-12. We ask prospective volunteers to submit their application in the summer for the upcoming school year's Homework Help Program. However, volunteer applications are accepted when there are openings September through March.

Library Support Volunteer

A few Library branches offer opportunities for volunteers to assist librarians during weekday hours. The responsibilities of each volunteer will vary, depending on their interests, skills and availability. Examples of volunteer services include: place labels on books, clean and organize materials for community programs, and welcome families at Story Time events. We ask for a four-month commitment.

Volunteer: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if there are currently volunteer openings for adults?

You can send an email to to ask about volunteer openings. Because of considerable interest in volunteering at the Library, we are unable to place all interested volunteers.

What is the time commitment for volunteering?

Adult Tutors and Homework Helpers typically volunteer once a week for two hours. We request a six-month commitment. If you are looking for a short-term volunteer opportunity, contact:

How do I complete court-mandated community service hours?

You cannot complete court-mandated hours at The Seattle Public Library, but you can fulfill this requirement at other local organizations, including:

How can I volunteer with the Friends of The Seattle Public Library?

The Friends of The Seattle Public Library is a nonprofit group that supports fundraising and advocacy on behalf of the Library. They offer volunteer positions at their book sales and in the FriendShop at the Central Library. Find out how to get involved with the Friends.

Can my group work on a service project with the Library?

We do not offer service projects for groups of volunteers. The following organizations offer volunteer opportunities for groups:

Where can I earn service learning hours for high school graduation?

Are student internships offered for college students?

Students who are enrolled in the MLIS program at the University of Washington are eligible to apply for a Directed Fieldwork Internship at The Seattle Public Library. Students of color are encouraged to apply. Contact your academic adviser for more information. Visit Student Internships to learn about the City of Seattle’s internships for students.