• Amari and the Night Brothers

    Amari and the Night Brothers

    Alston, B. B.

    Amari Peters' brother has disappeared, and she doesn't understand why his story isn't making headlines. She knows her brother is still alive, but she doesn't know where to start looking for him until she discovers a mysterious briefcase in his closet. In the briefcase is a special invitation to the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, where she just might find her brother if she can win over the school and help defeat an evil magician!

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  • Willa the Wisp

    Willa the Wisp

    Auxier, Jonathan

    Auggie Pound is in charge of caring for all the animals in the Fabled Stables. Only the rarest creatures reside here. Auggie is also tasked with tracking down and capturing any endangered magical beasts. In this adventure, Auggie must find and capture a creature called a Wisp, but he has no idea where to start, and the deep howl from the darkness cannot be a good sign.

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  • Looking for A Jumbie

    Looking for A Jumbie

    Baptiste, Tracey

    Though her mother assures her Jumbies are only found in stories, Naya sets out on a full moon night searching for the creatures of her family’s Caribbean folklore. What will she find hidden in the darkness?

    Format: Book

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  • Monster and Boy

    Monster and Boy

    Barnaby, Hannah Rodgers

    This unusual story of friendship begins with Monster swallowing the boy! Brimming with humor and packed with adventure, this early chapter book is a perfect series starter for kids graduating from picture books and easy readers.

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  • Maya and the Rising Dark

    Maya and the Rising Dark

    Barron, Rena

    When Maya's Papa goes missing, she is thrown into a world where the man from her nightmares - The Lord of Shadows - lurks. Her Papa is the Guardian of the veil between her world in Chicago and the Dark. But the veil is failing, and Maya must find a way to defeat the The Lord of Shadows before it's too late!

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  • Invasion of the Unicorns

    Invasion of the Unicorns

    Biedrzycki, David

    Special Agent Bubble07 appears to be a cute stuffed unicorn, but this is merely a disguise. He's actually on a mission to see if Earth is a habitat worth invading. After snuggles, dog slobber, tea parties, and story time, will he dispatch his friends to invade?

    Format: Book

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  • Serwa Boateng's Guide to Vampire Hunting

    Serwa Boateng's Guide to Vampire Hunting

    Brown, Roseanne A.

    Serwa is a descendant of the Akan immigrant family, and through the power of the gods, she has trained to be a Slayer. But after a dangerous adze attack that nearly kills her, Serwa is sent to live with her aunt in Rocky Gorge, Maryland. But Rocky Gorge has some magical secrets of its own, and soon Serwa and her friends are entangled in a supernatural quest!

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  • Sea Sirens

    Sea Sirens

    Chu, Amy

    Inspired by Frank L. Baum's Sea Fairies, this graphic novel retelling stars Trot, an Vietnamese American surfer and her feline companion, Cap'n Bill. A massive wave tosses them from their board, and they are pulled into a fantastical underwater world where the Sea Siren mermaids are in an epic battle with the the Serpent King and his minions.

    Format: Graphic Novel

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  • The Marvellers

    The Marvellers

    Clayton, Dhonielle

    The Arcanum Training Institute is where Marvellers are brought together from across the globe to share their cultural magic and traditions. Ella Durand is a Conjuror and the first to attend ATI. When a notorious criminal busts out of prison, it seems the Conjurors' assisted. And then Ella's favorite teacher mysteriously disappears! Ella and her new friends are soon on a journey to avenge her family's name and find Masterji Thakur.

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  • Force of Fire

    Force of Fire

    DasGupta, Sayantani

    Pinki is a descendant of rakkhosh resistors who have spent years working to overthrow their oppressors, but she is so busy looking after her cousins and trying to maintain her notoriety at school to worry about anything else. But soon she is called to help defeat the resistance, and to do so, she'll have to protect the Moon Maiden and pretend to be human!

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