• Scythe


    Shusterman, Neal

    Once natural death has been eliminated by technology, society must train professional killers to keep the population in check. The final training involves a battle to the death between the two best students. MS

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  • Hullmetal Girls

    Hullmetal Girls

    Skrutskie, Emily

    Two deep space colonists transform themselves into tech-enhanced warriors to protect their people, but shifting alliances force them to choose who they really serve. MS

    Format: Book

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  • Shadow Run

    Shadow Run

    Strickland, AdriAnne

    Qole and Nev are both searching for the mysterious shadow – a galactic energy source that can make anyone rich – but neither one trusts each other, and both have something to hide.

    Format: Book

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  • Moon Beam

    Moon Beam

    Taylor, Travis S.

    Barbara’s lonely farm life changes for the better when she joins a team to design a radar telescope on the moon, but can the team escape deadly solar flares? MS

    Format: Book

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  • Bluescreen


    Wells, Dan

    In a world where nearly everyone spends their entire lives online via a brain implant, Marisa and her friends stumble on a conspiracy that threatens their sanity and even their lives. MS

    Format: Book

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  • NoveList Plus

    NoveList Plus

    Have you read to the end of the universe? Try NoveList Plus for more futuristic reads!

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