• Diary of A Void

    Diary of A Void

    Yagi, Emi

    When thirty-four-year-old Ms. Shibata gets a new job in Tokyo to escape sexual harassment at her old one, she finds that, as the only woman at her new workplace, she is expected to do all the menial tasks. One day she announces that she can't clear away her colleagues' dirty cups because she's pregnant and the smell nauseates her. The only thing is...Ms. Shibata is not pregnant.

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  • Four Treasures of the Sky

    Four Treasures of the Sky

    Zhang, Jenny Tinghui

    A Chinese girl struggles to find her place in the 1880s American West after being kidnapped and smuggled, working at a calligraphy school and a San Francisco brothel as anti-Chinese sentiment sweeps across the country.

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