• East


    Sodha, Meera

    Sodha presents low-effort, high-reward cooking. Home cooks, especially those looking to incorporating more vegetables into ordinary meals, will be won over by her personable advice and reassuring voice -- Library Journal

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  • Falastin


    Tamimi, Sami

    Ottolenghi alums Tamimi (coauthor, Jerusalem and Ottolenghi) and Wigley (coauthor, Ottolenghi Simple) set out on their own with this expert dive into the food of Palestine.

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  • Vegetable Kingdom

    Vegetable Kingdom

    Terry, Bryant

    With four Afro- and soul-centric vegan cookbooks to his credit, Terry (Afro-Vegan) enriches this 100-plus recipe collection with flavors from the Far East, the South, and the Caribbean

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  • Living Lively

    Living Lively

    Thomas, Haile

    A unique cookbook and inspiring guide that combines 80 delicious, wholesome, super-powered plant-based recipes with a "7 points of power" manifesto to inspire the next generation of leaders to take care of their health and nurture their ability to make an impact and create a life they love. -- publisher's description

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  • Lummi


    Wetzel, Blaine

    Blaine Wetzel, the James Beard Award-winning chef of The Willows Inn, and champion of hyper-local cuisine, offers an inside look at his unique approach to fine dining. -- publisher's description

    Format: Book

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