• C.D. Wright

    Poet C.D. Wright: 'Rising, Falling, Hovering'

    Award-winning poet C.D. Wright read from her new collection, "Rising, Falling, Hovering" June 4, 2008 at the Central Library. Deeply personal and politically ferocious, "Rising, Falling, Hovering" addresses, as Wright has said elsewhere, "the commonly felt crises of [our] times"-from illegal immigration and the specific consequences of empire to the challenges of parenting and the honesty required of human relationships.

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  • Firoozeh Dumas

    Firoozeh Dumas: 'Laughing Without an Accent: Adventures of an Iranian American, at Home and Abroad'

    Firoozeh Dumas, bestselling author of "Funny in Farsi," read from her new memoir, "Laughing Without an Accent: Adventures of an Iranian American, at Home and Abroad" May 21, 2008 at the Central Library.

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  • Alexandra Fuller

    Alexandra Fuller: 'The Legend of Colton H. Bryant'

    Alexandra Fuller discussed her latest nonfiction work, "The Legend of Colton H. Bryant" on May 14, 2008 at the Central Library. Fuller tells the tragic story of a young man who fell to his death on an oil rig because the oil company failed to spend $2,000 on safety rails.

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  • Tan Twan Eng

    Tan Twan Eng: 'The Gift of Rain'

    Tan Twan Eng read from his debut novel, "The Gift of Rain," May 13, 2008 at the Central Library. Tan's debut epic novel, nominated for the Man Booker Prize, tells the story of a young man's perilous journey through the betrayals of war and into manhood.

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  • Dinaw Mengestu

    2008 Seattle Reads Main Event: An evening with Dinaw Mengestu

    Dinaw Mengestu spoke on "Exile, Imagination, and the American Dream" for the main event of the 2008 Seattle Reads series on May 9 at the Central Library. Set in a poor neighborhood in Washington, D.C., Dinaw Mengestu's award-winning novel tells a story of the African immigrant experience through three main characters: narrator Sepha Stephanos, an Ethiopian immigrant, who runs a small corner grocery store, and his friends, Joseph, from the Congo, and Kenneth, from Kenya. The Washington Center for the Book at The Seattle Public Library invites everyone to take part in Seattle Reads "The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears," a project designed to foster reading and discussion of works by authors of diverse cultures and ethnicities.

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  • Alice Hoffman

    Alice Hoffman: 'The Third Angel'

    Alice Hoffman reads from her new novel, "The Third Angel," on April 29, 2008 at the Central Library. Hoffman weaves a story that charts the lives of three women in love with the wrong men. At the heart of the novel is Lucy Green, who blames herself for a tragic accident she witnessed at the age of twelve, and who spends four decades searching for the Third Angel, the angel on earth who will renew her faith.

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  • Cody Walker

    2007-2008 Seattle Poet Populist: Cody Walker

    Readings in celebration of Cody Walker's 2007-2008 term as Seattle Poet Populist at the Central Library on April 20, 2008. Along with Cody Walker, the following poets read their poems: Eric McHenry, B.T. Shaw, Jason Whitmarsh, and Catherine Wing.

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  • Jhumpa Lahiri

    Jhumpa Lahiri: 'Unaccustomed Earth'

    Jhumpa Lahiri read from her new work of fiction: "Unaccustomed Earth." eight stories that travel from Cambridge and Seattle to India and Thailand as they enter the lives of sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, daughters and sons, friends and lovers. Lahiri spoke at the Central Library on April 14.

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  • Pat Mora

    Pat Mora: Sharing Bookjoy

    Author Pat Mora spoke about promoting a love of reading among children at the Central Library on April 7, 2008. This program is part of a series commemorating Día de los niños/Día de los libros (Children's Day/Book Day), an annual celebration of children, families, and reading founded by Pat Mora in 1996 and now celebrated in libraries and schools throughout the country.

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  • Jodi Picoult

    Jodi Picoult: 'Change of Heart'

    Jodi Picoult read from her new novel, "Change of Heart," Tuesday, April 1 at the Central Library. "Change of Heart" is about a death row inmate who wants to donate his heart, post execution, to the sister of his victim. Picoult challenges readers to consider hard-to-answer questions about organized religion and the death penalty.

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