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    Readings by 12 local writers in the 2012 Jack Straw Writers Program

    Washington Center for the Book and Jack Straw Productions presents readings by 12 literary artists, selected for the program by curator Shawn Wong. -- The purpose of the Jack Straw Writers Program is to introduce local writers to the medium of recorded audio, encourage the creation of new literary work and provide new venues for the writer and their work. The program was created in 1997. Each year, a single curator selects 12 writers/writing teams out of dozens of applicants based on artistic excellence, diversity of literary genres and a cohesive grouping of writers. The 2012 participants are:  Kathleen Alcalá, Stacey Bennetts, Kaia Chessen, Gabriela Denise Frank, Sharon Hashimoto, Lacey Jane Henson, Carol Light, Sally Neumann, Claudia Rowe, Johanna Stoberock, Mitsu Sundvall, and Nick Wong.

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  • Cupcake

    Seattle Times' food writer Nancy Leson leads a discussion on how to run a successful restaurant with five local chefs and restaurateurs

    Seattle Times' food writer Nancy Leson leads a discussion on how to run a successful restaurant with five local chefs and restaurateurs. How do you turn a passion for food into a profit? Listen in as our panel of five local restaurateur discuss their experiences.  The panel includes:  Tom Douglas of Etta's, Dahlia Lounge, Serious Pie and many other eateries; Ethan Stowell of How to Cook a Wolf, Tavolata, Anchovies & Olives, and Staple & Fancy; Maria Hines of Tilth and Golden Beetle; Donna Moodie of Marjorie; and Zak Melang of Matador.

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  • Gary Stroutsos

    Gary Stroutsos presents a tribute to the tradition of song and story in the Zuni, Navajo and Salish cultures

    Gary Stroutsos will share time-honored songs on his traditional American Indian flutes. -- The event also includes a screening of the film "Remembering the Songs," which offers a glimpse of the music-makers of the Diné, Zuni and Salish communities. This 30-minute film features Zuni song keeper Fernando Cellicion; friend and mentor to Stroutsos, Navajo flute maker Paul Thompson; and Lucy Vanderburg, daughter of Jerome Vandenburg, one of the last Salish men who made and played traditional flutes. 

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  • A-P Hurd

    A-P Hurd discusses and reads from her new book, 'The Carbon Efficient City'

    Seattle-based system dynamics and complex system architecture author, A-P Hurd, discusses a concrete action plan for a carbon-efficient city. -- 'The Carbon Efficient City' is Hurd's vision of a path through neighborhoods, new buildings, upgraded buildings, bicycle networks and transit systems that might produce carbon efficient cities. The book describes an economic and regulatory environment in which the DNA of sustainable buildings and cities can be successfully expressed.

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  • David Wright

    Thrilling Tales: October 1, 2012

    This week's featured story is: 'Confession' by Algernon Blackwood. To a shell-shocked veteran of the Great War, the Foggy London streets teem with phantoms ... and worse. -- Love a good story? Come to the scene of the crime, the edge of adventure and timeless realms of wonder. Sit back, relax and escape from the everyday as we bring you gripping short stories expertly read and well-calculated to keep you in suspense! Recorded on Oct. 1, 2012.

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  • Beet

    Tamara Murphy and John Howie discuss the process of creating a cookbook

    Join the creative team of local custom publisher ShinShinChez and chefs Tamara Murphy and John Howie for a lively conversation about the journey of creating a cookbook. The authors, photographer, food stylist, copy editor and entire creative team will share their story from idea to printed book and beyond.

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  • A Fistful of Collars

    Spencer Quinn reads from 'A Fistful of Collars,' the latest in his bestselling Chet and Bernie mystery series

    A movie studio comes to town to film a big-budget Western featuring Thad Perry, a movie star with a history of substance abuse and a reputation for getting into trouble. The mayor hires Chet the Dog and Bernie, his private investigator companion, to keep an eye on Perry. -- The detective team discovers that Perry has a mysterious connection to the town, and the only people who might know what it is keep turning up dead before they can talk. Worst of all, Perry is a self-proclaimed cat person, and his feline friend Brando takes an instant dislike to Chet.

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  • Martin Amis

    Martin Amis reads from 'Lionel Asbo,' a satire of modern society and celebrity culture

    By the age of 21, Lionel Asbo (self-named after the English acronym for anti-social behavior order) is a petty criminal and thug who raises pit bulls and terrorizes his seedy Liverpool neighborhood. Desmond Pepperdine, Lionel's orphaned teenaged nephew (smart, bookish and half black) lives with him. While in a London prison for starting a brawl at a wedding, Lionel learns he has just won the National Lottery. He becomes a multimillionaire, living large in luxury and becoming a favorite target of the tabloids. Des is anxiously protecting a family secret.

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  • Khac Chi

    Khac Chi, August 9

    Canadian duo Khac Chi combines the traditional folk music of Vietnam with lively new arrangements, light-hearted humor and creative stage antics for a show that is sure to delight young and old alike! For ages 4 and up.

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  • David Wright

    Thrilling Tales: August 6, 2012

    This week's featured story is "Spurs" by Tod Robbins. This tale of love and revenge in the Circus side-show was the basis for Tod Browning's infamous cult movie, "Freaks." Recorded on Aug. 6, 2012.

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