• Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor

    Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor

    Grønbekk, Torunn

    "Will Jane Foster don the mantle of Thor once more? When Mjolnir comes crashing through the Valkyrie's apartment window, she fears that the worst has happened to the God of Thunder. Where is Thor, and why did his mighty hammer seek out Jane? Asgard's greatest enemies -- including Hela, Ulik the Troll and the Enchantress -- have mounted a shocking assault on the Golden Realm, and the warriors of Asgard are losing...badly. Valkyrie's ally R͠na has managed to stave off total defeat, but the Asgardians desperately need Thor. Jane begins a quest to find the Odinson, but can she find...


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  • The Librarian of Auschwitz

    The Librarian of Auschwitz

    Rubio, Salva

    Based on the experience of real-life Auschwitz prisoner Dita Kraus, this is the story of a girl who risked her life to keep the magic of books alive during the Holocaust.


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  • Overlord


    Maruyama, Kugane

    "This time around, we’re storing some food for thought in our barrel of laughs! Let’s learn about color theory and fashion from Head Maid For a Day Neuronist, find out why the Finnish game Mölkky is the ideal Nazarympic sport, and discover how to snag the man of your dreams with Albedo’s romance tips, which are so universal they (allegedly) cross the species barrier! So gather round, boys and girls, for another informative, educational volume of Overlord: The Undead King Oh!"--Publisher.


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  • Clock Striker

    Clock Striker

    Jones, Frederick L. (Manga author)

    "Cast dreams of being a SMITH, and though she's rather handy with her tools, no one in her small town ever realizes their dreams. Besides, these legendary warrior engineers haven't been seen in years and were never known for having female members. Fortunately, Cast meets one surviving member named Ms. Philomena Clock, who agrees to take her on as her apprentice, or striker. Now Cast is thrust into one deadly adventure after another! From cybernetic desperadoes to technology thieves and more, Cast has to use her mind and her remodeled robotics-lab prosthetic hand, which offers unfathomable offensive power in the...


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  • Hakumei & Mikochi

    Hakumei & Mikochi

    Kashiki, Takuto

    "While Hakumei has endless tales to tell about her days as a traveler, the time before her journey began is shrouded in mystery. She has even kept her habit of singing to herself private—though it’s unlikely to remain so after Conju discovers her humming in the rain! But when her seed cap is damaged, Hakumei reminisces about the beginning of her journey, when she was presented with the cap that marked her as a traveler setting forth to see the world..."--Back cover.


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  • Ms. Marvel

    Ms. Marvel

    Houser, Jody

    "A dire threat. A dangerous mystery. And only the toughest heroes of the Marvel Universe can save the day! Ms. Marvel is taking matters into her own embiggened hands -- but with Krakoan tech compromised, you can bet Wolverine and the X-Men won't be far behind! The best there is at what he does joins one of the Marvel Universe's brightest heroes to kick off an action-packed adventure -- but to solve this conundrum, Kamala Khan will need to rub shoulders with more dark vigilantes! When a mechanical (and maniacal!) evil brings her into Moon Knight's orbit, the gravity of...


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  • Beastars


    Itagaki, Paru

    "The epic battles for supremacy in the black market lead to a revolution for carnivores and herbivores alike. Mixed-species psychopath Melon finds a new target for his rage. And in the bittersweet conclusion, Beastar horse Yahya and Komodo dragon Gosha attempt to repair their friendship, red deer Louis and gray wolf Juno seek a way forward, and gray wolf Legoshi and dwarf rabbit Haru define their relationship on their own terms" -- Page [4] of cover.


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  • Those Who Helped Us

    Those Who Helped Us

    Mochizuki, Ken

    In this blend of fiction and nonfiction, two young Japanese American sisters try to make sense of a world where their government imprisons them in World War II concentration camps while some of their friends and neighbors come to their aid.


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  • Kaiju No. 8

    Kaiju No. 8

    Matsumoto, Naoya

    "The Defense Force has taken Kafka into custody and has plans to dispose of him. Kafka attempts to plead his case with Director General Shinomiya, wielder of the mighty Kaiju No. 2's power and the person lauded as the strongest in Defense Force history. But when Kafka's pleas fail to move the director general, he winds up facing him in combat! What's more, he starts to lose control of his kaiju form! Can Kafka keep it together long enough to save his own skin?"--


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  • Cursed Princess Club

    Cursed Princess Club

    LambCat (Comics writer and artist)

    "Gwendolyn, the youngest of the King's three daughters, is living proof that princesses don't always have it all. She isn't like a typical fairy-tale princess, or other princesses in the Pastel Kingdom. Gwendolyn, with her big heart and love of baking, isn't particularly attractive. Unlike her sisters who have woodland creatures do their hair and makeup, or have flowers blossom wherever they sleep, Gwendolyn is a bit...different. So when her father proposes marriage for her and her sisters to make an alliance with the Plaid Kingdom, it breaks Gwendolyn's heart to hear that Prince Fredrick thinks she's "really ugly." Overwhelmed...


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