• Once We Were Home

    Once We Were Home

    Rosner, Jennifer

    "From Jennifer Rosner, National Jewish Book Award Finalist and author of The Yellow Bird Sings, comes a novel based on the true stories of children stolen in the wake of World War II. Ana will never forget her mother's face when she and her baby brother,Oskar, were sent out of their Polish ghetto and into the arms of a Christian friend. For Oskar, though, their new family is the only one he remembers. When a woman from a Jewish reclamation organization seizes them, believing she has their best interest at heart, Ana sees an opportunity to reconnect with her roots,...

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  • Night Angels

    Night Angels

    Randel, Weina Dai

    In 1938, Dr. Ho Fengshan, consul general of China posted in Vienna, whose instructions are to maintain amicable relations with the Third Reich, risks his life, along with his American wife, to help Viennese Jews escape the Nazis before World War II explodes.

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  • The Deadly Weed

    The Deadly Weed

    Harrison, Cora

    "1920s. Cork, Ireland. Early one morning the Reverend Mother receives news of a deadly fire at the local cigarette factory, a place where she'd been so proud that some of her pupils had been given a steady job. In a city full of poverty, unemployment andpolitical unrest, these ex pupils of hers had surely been blessed with such prospects. Now, though, she is worried . . . What happened at the cigarette factory and why are there rumours circulating that one of her 'girls' was responsible? Inspector Patrick Cashman is under pressure to quickly find the cause of the fire...

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  • The Dead Will Rise

    The Dead Will Rise

    Nickson, Chris

    "Leeds. April, 1824. Wealthy engineer Joseph Clark employs thief-taker Simon Westow to find the men who stole the buried corpse of Catherine Jordan, his employee's daughter. Simon is stunned and horrified to realize there's a gang of body snatchers in Leeds. He needs to discover who bought Catherine's body and where it is now. As he hunts for answers, he learns that a number of corpses have vanished from graveyards in the town. Can Simon and his assistant Jane bring the brutal, violent Resurrection men who are selling the dead to medical schools to justice and give some peace to...

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  • Her Lessons in Persuasion

    Her Lessons in Persuasion

    Frampton, Megan

    "To Lady Wilhelmina Bettesford, the "game" of finding a husband is a competitive sport she wants no part of...until her much-younger step mama forces her to play it. So when her stepmother asks sexy barrister Bram Townsend to pretend to woo the amateur astronomer to boost Wilhelmina's popularity, it's up to Wilhelmina to navigate a fake courtship that will keep the family from forcing her into a marriage--any marriage--before she finally receives the inheritance that will allow her to live as she wants. The trouble is every time Bram takes her in his arms she has a most difficult time...

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  • Margot


    Steavenson, Wendell

    "A moving portrait of a young woman's struggle to break free from her upper-class upbringing amid the whirlwind years of the sexual revolution"--

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  • A Courage Undimmed

    A Courage Undimmed

    Graves, Stephanie

    "Weaving wartime intrigue, rural village life, and little-known historical facts about the role of carrier pigeons in WWII, Stephanie Graves continues the adventures of British pigeoneer Olive Bright, but as bitter cold weather forces her racing birds indoors in November 1941, Olive is assigned to a new role in the war effort--escorting none other than Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming on his visit to the Brickendonbury Manor spy training center"--

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  • The Chinese Groove

    The Chinese Groove

    Ma, Kathryn

    "Eighteen-year-old Shelley, born into a much-despised branch of the Zheng family in Yunnan Province and living in the shadow of his widowed father's grief, dreams of bigger things. Buoyed by an exuberant heart and his cousin Deng's tall tales about the United States, Shelley heads to San Francisco to claim his destiny, confident that any hurdles will be easily overcome by the awesome powers of the "Chinese groove," a belief in the unspoken bonds between countrymen that transcend time and borders"--

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  • The Book Spy

    The Book Spy

    Hlad, Alan

    American librarian Maria Alves, a microfilm specialist trained in espionage, is dispatched to Lisbon to gather vital information from Axis publications, and works in tandem with Tiago Soares, a bookstore owner secretly providing forged passports and visas to Jewish refugees.

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  • The Mitford Secret

    The Mitford Secret

    Fellowes, Jessica

    "A mystery with the fascinating Mitford sisters at its heart, Jessica Fellowes's The Mitford Secret is the sixth and final intriguing installment in the Mitford Murders series. It's 1941, and the Mitford household is splintered by the vicissitudes of war. To bring the clan together-maybe for one last time, Deborah invites them to Chatsworth for Christmas, along with a selection of society's most impressive and glamorous guests, as well as old family friend Louisa Cannon, a private detective. One night, a psychic arrives, and to liven things up Deborah agrees she may host a séance. But entertainment turns to dark...

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