• Mission Manhattan

    Mission Manhattan

    Ponti, James

    The City Spies head to the Big Apple when a credible threat is made to a young climate activist who is scheduled to speak in front of the upcoming United Nations General Assembly. With Rio acting as alpha and a new member in their ranks, the team's mission to protect a fellow teen takes them on an exciting adventure in, around, and even under the greatest city in the world as they follow leads to the outer boroughs, the UN Headquarters, and even the usually off-limits stacks that extend deep under the main branch of the New York Public Library.

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  • Juana & Lucas

    Juana & Lucas

    Medina, Juana

    Juana loves many things, but not learning English. When Juana's abuelos tell her about a special trip, she wonders whether or not learning English might be a good use of her time after all.

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  • Good Night

    Good Night

    Weiss, Jim

    Jim Weiss's acclaimed bedtime recording features six vignettes that take the listener into scenes which bring about feelings of safety, peace, and relaxation. A minute of soothing music follows each vignette. Destined to be a night time favorite.

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  • Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    Weiss, Jim

    Presents a collection of calming visualizations to help young children relax for bedtime.

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  • Between Two Brothers

    Between Two Brothers

    Allen, Crystal

    Isaiah "Ice" Abernathy has always worshiped his older brother, Seth. For years they've been not just brothers but best friends, and as Seth starts his senior year, Ice is eager to spend as much time with his brother as he can, making memories before Seth goes to college. But when Seth announces he's leaving much earlier than expected, and then he misses an important event, one he'd promised to attend, it causes a major fight. Filled with regret, Ice plans to apologize to Seth later the next day, but later never comes, as he finds out Seth was in an...

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  • The 100th Day

    The 100th Day

    Brown, Jeff

    It's the hundredth day of school, and the second graders in Classroom 2E will each be bringing in one hundred of something to celebrate. Stanley knows exactly what he wants to bring, flat pancakes. But the number of people coming to the party keeps changing! Stanley must add, subtract, and multiply his way to the perfect treat for the Hundredth Day of School bash. Will he get the numbers right?

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  • Lulu Sinagtala and the City of Noble Warriors

    Lulu Sinagtala and the City of Noble Warriors

    Villanueva, Gail D.

    Lulu Sinagtala can't wait for a fun Christmas break. She's excited to hang out with her sister, Kitty, and best friend, Bart; to reenact her favorite legends from Tagalog folklore (like the amazing tale of Bernardo Carpio); and, of course, to eat as much yummy street-side inihaw as possible! But when a vicious wakwak attacks her neighborhood and kidnaps Mom, Lulu discovers the creatures and deities of Tagalog myth are real and that two additional Realms exist beyond our own. To make it worse, Lulu has superhuman strength and the ability to wield magic, meaning she's the only one powerful...

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  • Slugfest


    Korman, Gordon

    Yash is the best athlete at Robinette Middle School, so good, in fact, that he's already playing on the high school's JV sports teams. Imagine his shock when he learns that his JV practices have kept him from earning a state-mandated credit for eighth-grade PE. To graduate, he has to take Physical Education Equivalency, PEE, also known as "Slugfest", in summer school. Yash gets to know his fellow "slugs": Kaden, an academic superstar who's physically hopeless; twins Sarah and Stewart, who are too busy trying to kill each other to do any real PE; Jesse, a notorious prankster; Arabella, who...

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  • No Problem

    No Problem

    Harley, Bill

    "As my friend Donald Davis says, stories are about trouble. Children, like most of us, get in trouble not intentionally, but by accident. Mayhem ensues. A little forethought might prevent the mayhem, but then, we wouldn't have the story, would we? Here's three stories about accidents. If tragedy plus distance equals humor, that's where they fit. As always, someone will ask, "Are these true?" They started out that way. Then they got truer. Thanks for listening" -- Container.

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  • The Unbeatable Lily Hong

    The Unbeatable Lily Hong

    Ma, Diana

    If there's one thing Lily Hong can't stand, it's being second best. That's why she and Max Zhang have been bitter rivals ever since he swooped into town as the new kid with the cool clothes and his fancy downtown Chinese school and showed her up in the fifth-grade reading challenge. She had wanted to be the one to win the pizza party for their class. Okay, so that was two years ago, her best friends Kelli and Lauren didn't totally get it, but they were on her side. And that's why they agreed to help Lily with her submission...

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