• The Lost Year

    The Lost Year

    Marsh, Katherine

    In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, thirteen-year-old Matthew discovers a shocking secret about his great-grandmother's past as he learns about her life during the Holodomor famine in Soviet Ukraine.

    Format: Book

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  • Love Without Bounds

    Love Without Bounds

    Johnson, Chelsea

    "Written by three celebrated women of color sociologists, Love without Bounds: An IntersectionAllies Book about Families is a joyful, heartwarming celebration of family in all its forms: multicultural families; LGBTQ+ families; adoptive and foster care families; single-parent and blended families; transnational families; families impacted by incarceration, detention, and deportation; chosen families; military families; and more. By focusing on the choices families make to persistently love and care for one another in the face of inequality and inequity, Love without Bounds is a necessary resource to make sure all kids feel seen and loved for who they are in community with...

    Format: Book

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  • Figure It Out, Henri Weldon

    Figure It Out, Henri Weldon

    Davis, Tanita S.

    Henri has attended a special school for her learning disability, dyscalculia, but when she is mainstreamed, she finds herself struggling to balance other parts of her life, and not just in math class--a family feud, drama on the soccer team, and a passion for poetry.

    Format: Book

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  • The Puttermans Are in the House

    The Puttermans Are in the House

    Feldman, Jacquetta Nammar

    Told from different points of view, the Putterman cousins, twins Sammy and Matty, and Becky, have been at odds, but when Hurricane Harvey hits Houston, they soon find that they need each other more than ever.

    Format: Book

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  • Stories to Keep You Alive Despite Vampires

    Stories to Keep You Alive Despite Vampires

    Acker, Ben

    This fourth-wall-breaking middle grade collection of spooky, scary, and spoopy stories for fans of Lemony Snicket and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark might just help you survive the night in a house full of vampires. If you are reading this book, then you must be trapped in that spooky house with those vampires. Sorry about that. But! You might just make it out if you manage to tell them one scary story each night in accordance with standard vampire rules. Don't know any scary stories? Good thing you found this book! Every tale in this tome is true...more...

    Format: Book

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  • My First Kwanzaa

    My First Kwanzaa

    Katz, Karen

    A girl describes how she and her family celebrate the seven days of Kwanzaa.

    Format: Book

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  • Maisy Goes to Preschool

    Maisy Goes to Preschool

    Cousins, Lucy

    Maisy the mouse has a busy day at preschool dancing, painting, singing and doing other things.

    Format: Book

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  • Meet the Singer

    Meet the Singer

    Foxe, Steve

    "Madison and Billy interview mega singing sensation Poppy Starr"--

    Format: Book

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  • Cold as Ice

    Cold as Ice

    Mlynowski, Sarah

    On their sixth trip through the magic mirror, Abby and Jonah find themselves in the story of the Snow Queen, a troubled character who chose power over family and friendship, and Abby has free the children the Queen has under her spell--with the help of her new friend, a talking reindeer called Ralph, and a strange girl named Sharon.

    Format: Book

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  • The Sky's the Limit!

    The Sky's the Limit!

    Eliopulos, Nick

    Emmy and Birch and their tame wolf Byte are new to the world of Minecraft but always ready to explore. This time, Birch wants to go flying more than anything. Emmy has an idea for getting the right materials but it is going to be an incredible journey.

    Format: Book

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