• Kobe Eats Pizza!

    Kobe Eats Pizza!

    Wian, Ashley

    "Chef Kobe is the star of the kitchen! With his signature red apron and red chef's hat, Kobe is ready to make another meal--PIZZA! He uses only the finest ingredients, never spills, and is very patient when waiting for the timer to go off. While cooking is super fun, Chef Kobe always remembers the last, most important step: eating together as a family!"--Provided by publisher.

    Format: Book

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  • Recess All-stars

    Recess All-stars

    Alpine, Rachele

    "It's career week in Miss Taylor's class! When Lauren says that she wants to be a football announcer, some of her classmates laugh and ask how she could work in a sport she can't even play. Lauren is bummed out, especially since she knows a ton about football. She feels even worse when she wants to play kickball at recess and the boys won't let her join their teams. Instead of backing down, Lauren, Emelyn, Ruby, and Myka challenge them to a game--boys against girls. The prize: control of the kickball field during recess. But when Lauren's competitiveness comes out...

    Format: Book

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  • Queen Red Riding Hood's Guide to Royalty

    Queen Red Riding Hood's Guide to Royalty

    Colfer, Chris

    "Queen Red Riding Hood from the Land of Stories gives advice and makes observations on how to rule"--

    Format: Book

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  • The Sixty-eight Rooms

    The Sixty-eight Rooms

    Malone, Marianne

    Ruthie thinks nothing exciting will ever happen to her until her sixth-grade class visits the Art Institute of Chicago, where she and her best friend Jack discover a magic key that shrinks them to the size of gerbils and allows them to explore the Thorne Rooms--the collection of sixty-eight miniature rooms from various time periods and places--and discover their secrets.

    Format: Book

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  • Tiana's Garden Grows

    Tiana's Garden Grows

    Alston, Bria

    When Tiana decides to try cooking with a new spicy pepper, she is excited to begin but first, she learns how to plant a garden.

    Format: Book

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