• Dogs Who Work

    Dogs Who Work

    Aloise, Valeria

    "Dogs save lives and protect property. They search for treasures and sniff out criminals. They guide people who cannot see and comfort those who are sick. Dogs Who Work is about all the important jobs that real dogs do every day. Along the way, you'll meet the breeds that excel in certain skills, from guarding priceless paintings or assisting police or gathering tennis balls! You'll even meet the mythological dogs who could fly or bring back the dead, and the famous dog who was elected mayor. This lavishly-illustrated book is a great introduction to all the dogs we love--and cannot...

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  • Milloo's Mind

    Milloo's Mind

    Faruqi, Reem

    "From the author of Lailah's Lunchbox and Unsettled comes a powerful picture book biography about Maryam Faruqi, the founder of the Happy Home Schools, which provided education to thousands of girls across Pakistan at a time when girls weren't encouraged to go to school. Milloo lives in a time when school is considered unnecessary for girls. But to Milloo, education is essential. When Milloo reads, her thoughts dance. Milloo courageously dreams of becoming a teacher, but in fifth grade her parents tell her she has had enough school. Milloo is heartbroken but finds a way to achieve her educational goals,...

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  • The Flying Man

    The Flying Man

    Downs, Mike

    "Here is the little-known history of Otto Lilienthal, a daring man whose more than 2,000 successful flights inspired the Wright Brothers and other aviation pioneers. In 1862, balloons were the only way to reach the sky. But 14-year-old Otto Lilienthal didn't want to fly in balloons. He wanted to soar like a bird. Scientists, teachers, and news reporters everywhere said flying was impossible. Otto and his brother Gustav desperately wanted to prove them wrong, so they made their own wings and tried to take flight. The brothers quickly crashed, but this was just the beginning for Otto, who would spend...

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  • Ice Cream Man

    Ice Cream Man

    Armand, Glenda

    "This picture book biography recounts the extraordinary life of Augustus Jackson, an African American entrepreneur who is known as the "Father of Ice Cream.""--

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  • A Mighty Long Way

    A Mighty Long Way

    LaNier, Carlotta Walls

    Nine Black students were chosen to integrate Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas in 1957. The Little Rock Nine endured what followed not only as a group but also as individuals. At fourteen years old, Carlotta Walls was the youngest member of the brave group. As angry mobs protested, the students were escorted in the high school by members of the 101st Airborne Division, which had been called in by then-president Dwight D. Eisenhower to ensure their safety. Ultimately, Carlotta became the first Black female ever to walk across this Central High stage and receive a diploma. This is...

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  • Female, Gifted & Black

    Female, Gifted & Black

    Fièvre, M. J.

    Introduction: Beyond any simplistic narrative -- Amazing artists: musicians, actors, and other creators of color -- Penning the future one word at a time : awesome Black women writers -- Rhythm & rhyme : poets & literaru pioneers -- What the eye sees : Black female visual artists -- Beyond the catwalk & the stage : Black dancers and models -- Conclusion: But wait, there's so much more.

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  • My Very Important Earth Encyclopedia

    My Very Important Earth Encyclopedia

    Mills, Andrea

    "This exciting introduction to Earth is brimming with explosive volcanoes, incredible habitats, and world-saving ideas. From Earth's inner core to the thinnest air at the edge of the atmosphere, get ready for a round-the-world adventure... Dig down and learn exactly what is under our feet. Investigate the workings of earthquakes and volcanoes. Learn how mountains are made and how rivers form. Find out about wind, rain, and extreme weather on Earth's surface. Explore Earth's habitats, and meet the plants and animals that call them home. Finally, find out about how our planet is under threat, and what you can do...

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  • The Penguin of Ilha Grande

    The Penguin of Ilha Grande

    Earle, Shannon

    "When an oil-covered penguin washes up in Brazil, Seu João saves its life. The man and penguin become friends, and the penguin won't return to the wild."--

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  • Basketball Dreams

    Basketball Dreams

    Paul, Chris

    From NBA All-Star Chris Paul comes an inspirational and uplifting picture book about chasing your basketball dreams and the lessons he learned both on and off the court from his beloved grandfather Papa Chilly. Growing up, young Chris Paul dreamed of playing professional basketball. But he knew it would take more than dedication and practice, so Chris looked to his grandfather Papa Chilly as a shining example of the values he could apply both in basketball and in life. Papa taught him about respect, faith, kindness, generosity, and the determination to succeed, just as Papa had succeeded as the first...

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  • To Boldly Go

    To Boldly Go

    Dalton, Angela

    "Perfect for fans of Hidden Figures and Mae Among the Stars! To Boldly Go tells the true story of Nichelle Nichols and how she used her platform on Star Trek to inspire and recruit a new generation of diverse astronauts and many others in the space and STEM fields. As Lieutenant Uhura on the iconic prime-time television show Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols played the first Black female astronaut anyone had ever seen on screen. A smart, strong, independent Black woman aboard the starship Enterprise was revolutionary in the 1960s when only white men had traveled to outer space in real...

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