• Death of A Bookseller

    Death of A Bookseller

    Farmer, B. J.

    "An honest policeman, Sergeant Wigan, escorts a drunk man home one night to keep him out of trouble and, seeing his fine book collection, slowly falls in to the gentle art of book collecting. Just as the friendship is blossoming, the policeman's book-collecting friend is murdered. To solve the mystery of why the victim was killed, and which of his rare books was taken, Wigan dives into the world of 'runners' and book collectors, where avid agents will gladly cut you for a first edition and then offer youa lift home afterwards. This adventurous mystery, which combines exuberant characters with...

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  • A Gentle Murderer

    A Gentle Murderer

    Davis, Dorothy Salisbury

    "Hailed by critic Anthony Boucher as "one of the best detective stories of modern times," this classic tale by Grand Master Dorothy Salisbury Davis combines suspense and psychological insight as a priest and a police detective both race to find a self-confessed murderer before he is compelled to kill again. "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned ..." Father Duffy has heard many confessions through the years, but none quite so disturbing as the one he's heard tonight. A young man enters the confessional justas the priest is readying to leave for the evening; he's distraught that he has killed...

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  • The Girl With the Dragonfruit Tattoo

    The Girl With the Dragonfruit Tattoo

    Doyle, Carrie

    "On the tropical island of Paraiso, Plum Lockhart has a new zest for life. Not only is her new villa rental company growing like a weed, but things are also finally heating up between her and the handsome Director of Security at Las Frutas Resort. Plum'sthrilled when she gets an invite to dinner on the yacht of a wealthy music executive, grateful for a luxurious night on the water, surrounded by A-listers. But days later, one of the servers from the yacht-a girl with a dragonfruit tattoo-washes up dead,and Plum's sweet bit of paradise quickly goes rotten. As the yacht...

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  • One Extra Corpse

    One Extra Corpse

    Hambly, Barbara

    "May, 1924. It's been seven months since young British widow Emma Blackstone arrived in Hollywood to serve as companion to Kitty Flint: her beautiful, silent-movie star sister-in-law. Kitty is generous, kind-hearted . . . and a truly terrible actress. Notthat Emma minds; she's too busy making her academic parents turn in their graves with her new job writing painfully historically inaccurate scenarios for Foremost Studios, in between wrangling their leading lady out of the arms of her army of amorous suitors. So when one of Kitty's old flames, renowned film director Ernst Zapolya, calls Emma and tells her it's imperative...

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  • Speak for the Dead

    Speak for the Dead

    Tector, Amy

    "It's a steamy summer Ottawa day when Cate is called out to the nitrate facility to investigate an apparent suicide. The eerie building is filled with deteriorating nitrate film that could literally spontaneously combust. When Cate's life is threatened bya stray spark, she suspects that the suicide might be murder. Despite pressure from the police to pronounce on cause quickly, Cate is bloody-minded enough to keep investigating. Whether she's looking for answers because of her dedication to justice, or as a distraction from the grief she feels over her brother's recent death, her inquiries plunge her into a world of...

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  • The Deadly Weed

    The Deadly Weed

    Harrison, Cora

    "1920s. Cork, Ireland. Early one morning the Reverend Mother receives news of a deadly fire at the local cigarette factory, a place where she'd been so proud that some of her pupils had been given a steady job. In a city full of poverty, unemployment andpolitical unrest, these ex pupils of hers had surely been blessed with such prospects. Now, though, she is worried . . . What happened at the cigarette factory and why are there rumours circulating that one of her 'girls' was responsible? Inspector Patrick Cashman is under pressure to quickly find the cause of the fire...

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  • The Dead Will Rise

    The Dead Will Rise

    Nickson, Chris

    "Leeds. April, 1824. Wealthy engineer Joseph Clark employs thief-taker Simon Westow to find the men who stole the buried corpse of Catherine Jordan, his employee's daughter. Simon is stunned and horrified to realize there's a gang of body snatchers in Leeds. He needs to discover who bought Catherine's body and where it is now. As he hunts for answers, he learns that a number of corpses have vanished from graveyards in the town. Can Simon and his assistant Jane bring the brutal, violent Resurrection men who are selling the dead to medical schools to justice and give some peace to...

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  • Lie to Her

    Lie to Her

    Leigh, Melinda

    When a digital marketer is found murdered in his backyard, hands bound and face smothered by plastic wrap, Sheriff Bree Taggert and criminal investigator Matt Flynn respond to the call. Their investigation focuses on the man's dating-app profile and the word liar carved into his forehead. One day later, the killer strikes again. Both victims are players in the internet dating scene. In their wake, they leave a trail of hurt, and angry, women. But Bree and Matt aren't convinced the motive is as simple as it appears. Everyone they interview seems to be lying or hiding something. As the...

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  • Gone but Not for Garden

    Gone but Not for Garden

    Collins, Kate

    When her cousin, an emcee at a local fashion show, is accused of murder, flower-shop owner Abby Knight teams up with Athena Spencer, whose family owns a garden center, to dig up the dirt on a growing list of suspects to weed out a killer.

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  • A Courage Undimmed

    A Courage Undimmed

    Graves, Stephanie

    "Weaving wartime intrigue, rural village life, and little-known historical facts about the role of carrier pigeons in WWII, Stephanie Graves continues the adventures of British pigeoneer Olive Bright, but as bitter cold weather forces her racing birds indoors in November 1941, Olive is assigned to a new role in the war effort--escorting none other than Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming on his visit to the Brickendonbury Manor spy training center"--

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