• Robert Parker's Broken Trust

    Robert Parker's Broken Trust

    Lupica, Mike

    Spenser investigates the past secrets of an elusive tech billionaire in this latest installment of Robert B. Parker's beloved series, and the first written by celebrated writer Mike Lupica. Andrew Crain has it all: a brilliant scientist and astute businessman, his groundbreaking work with lithium has made him one of the world's richest men. He is universally adored and admired; that is, until Crain's beautiful wife, Laura, comes to Spenser hoping that he can find out what skeletons lurk in her husband's closet. Though Crain is a generous philanthropist and loving family man, she is concerned--he has recently become secretive,...

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  • The Watchmaker's Hand

    The Watchmaker's Hand

    Deaver, Jeffery

    "When a New York City construction crane mysteriously collapses, causing mass destruction and injury, Rhyme and Sachs are on the case. A political group claims responsibility for the sabotage and threatens another attack in twenty-four hours, unless its demands are met. The clock is ticking. Then a clue reveals to Rhyme that his nemesis, known as the Watchmaker, has come to town to fulfill his promise of murdering the criminalist. Now Rhyme and Sachs have to dodge his brilliant scheme to destroy them both, while racing against time to stop the construction site terrorists. With New York in a panic,...

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  • Kids Run the Show

    Kids Run the Show

    Vigan, Delphine de

    "A cautionary tale, a gripping cleverly told story of intrigue and deception, a heartfelt denunciation of contemporary online culture, Delphine de Vigan's new novel is all these things and more. The first time Mélanie met Clara, she was stunned by Clara's sense of authority. For her part, Clara was struck by Mélanie's pink, glittery nails. "She looks like a child," thought the first. "She looks like a doll," pondered the second. Two women who could not be more different. Mélanie is a social media superstar who broadcasts every detail of her kids' lives on a family YouTube channel. Clare is...

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  • The Legacy

    The Legacy

    Bowen, Gail

    "From the Arthur Ellis Award-winning Grand Master of Crime Writers comes the next installment in the Joanne Kilbourn series When Joanne Shreve's former student, Val Masluk, writes the biography of acclaimed novelist Steven Brooks, Val once again becomes part of Joanne's life. The biography is already raising troubling questions about Brooks's past, and the wedding of Brooks's daughter and Joanne's son is scheduled the day before the biography is published. Both Joanne and her former student are haunted by memories of the seminar that led to the deaths of two people and the murder conviction of a third. The publication...

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  • Death Drop

    Death Drop

    Herren, Greg

    "Glam artist Jem Richard loved making New Orleans' society mavens feel beautiful-but doesn't like being stiffed. He reluctantly agrees to help with the make-up for the fall fashion show for the House of Mercereau, but demands payment up front after what happened the last time-when designer Marigny Mercereau's check bounced. But no one warned him before he arrives, brushes and make-up palettes in hand, that the models he'll be working on are drag queens! Pressed into service when one of the queens doesn't show Jim wows the crowds and slays his fellow queens with his style and presentation on the...

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