• Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous

    Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous

    Flower, Amanda

    Widowed matchmaker Millie Fisher is anything but lonely between her mischievous goats, her quilting circle-- and her habit of solving the odd murder or two... Millie's decidedly not Amish best friend, Lois Henry, is outspoken, colorful, and so hopelessly romantic, she's had four husbands. Millie doesn't judge, and she also doesn't expect to run into Lois's most recent ex, gambler Gerome Moorhead, in small-town Harvest, Ohio. With him is the very young, new Mrs. Moorhead, aka "Honey Bee." Lois is outraged, but Millie is completely shocked to learn the next day that Gerome is already a widower... When a large...

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  • Bread Over Troubled Water

    Bread Over Troubled Water

    Archer, Winnie

    "Photographer Ivy Culpepper is soon to make a home with her husband-to-be in the California beach town of Santa Sofia -- but the Yeast of Eden bakery remains her second home. It's not just a place to work, but a community. And now one member of the community has been murdered... A regular who used Yeast of Eden as a workspace, Josh Prentiss always turned heads with his startlingly good looks and thousand-watt smile. But Ivy can't help noticing one morning that he seems distracted and off his game. Later, during a visit to the park where she and Miguel...

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  • The Cross-legged Knight

    The Cross-legged Knight

    Robb, Candace M.

    York, 1371. The Bishop of Winchester, William of Wykeham, is tasked with bringing home the remains of the powerful patriarch of the Pagnell family. But Wykeham's arrival is fraught with tension. The Pagnells are reeling from their father's death and they suspect Wykeham of having a hand in it. Days after his arrival, his townhouse burns to the ground--a terrible accident, or a threat.

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  • Of Mushrooms and Matrimony

    Of Mushrooms and Matrimony

    Meade, Amy Patricia

    "Literary caterer and owner of Cookin' the Books café Tish Tarragon is pushing thoughts of her impending eviction aside to prepare an appetizing welcome buffet for a wedding weekend at Abbingdon Green Bed and Breakfast. While there, Tish witnesses one of the guests, controversial TV chef and restaurant critic, Gunner Randall, threatening staff after missing breakfast and making do with a mushroom omelet. When Randall is found dead the following day, it soon becomes clear that poisoned mushrooms were behind his demise. With no shortage of potential suspects and motives, can Tish and her new beau, Sheriff Clemson Reade, uncover...

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  • Glory in Death

    Glory in Death

    Robb, J. D.

    Suspecting a link between the murders of two beautiful and highly successful women, police lieutenant Eve Dallas follows up on a long list of suspects that includes her own lover, Roarke.

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