• The Unit

    The Unit

    Gamal, Adam

    "The first and only book to ever be written by a member of America's most secret military unit--an explosive and unlikely story of immigration, service, and sacrifice. Inside our military is a team of operators whose work is so secretive that the name of the unit itself is classified. Highly-trained in warfare, self-defense, infiltration, and deep surveillance, "the Unit," as the Department of Defense has asked us to refer to it, has been responsible for preventing dozens of terrorist attacks in the Western world. Never before has a member of this unit shared their story - until now. From Adam...

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  • Brought Forth on This Continent

    Brought Forth on This Continent

    Holzer, Harold

    "From acclaimed Abraham Lincoln historian Harold Holzer, a groundbreaking account of Lincoln's grappling with the politics of immigration against the backdrop of the Civil War. In the three decades before the Civil War, some ten million foreign-born people settled in the United States, forever altering the nation's demographics, culture, and--perhaps most significantly--voting patterns. America's newest residents fueled the national economy, but they also wrought enormous changes in the political landscape, and exposed an ugly, at times violent, vein of nativist bigotry. Abraham Lincoln's rise ran parallel to this turmoil; even Lincoln himself did not always rise above it. Tensions over...

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  • The Book of Hermetica

    The Book of Hermetica

    "The Book of Hermetica is the definitive collection of the most pivotal texts of Hermetic wisdom. It includes the three most critical books in the cannon-Corpus Hermeticum, The Emerald Tablet, and The Kybalion. Corpus Hermeticum and The Emerald Tablet are both attributed to Hermes Trismegistus and were written between 100-300 BCE. These works form the foundation of Hermetic wisdom, expounding on philosophy, religion, magic, and alchemy. The Kybalion was written much later, in the 20th century, and explores the seven basic Hermetic principles. Faithfully reproduced in The Book of Hermetica, these esoteric writings have inspired great minds throughout the ages-everyone...

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  • Healthy Gut Diet Guide + Cookbook

    Healthy Gut Diet Guide + Cookbook

    Gangadharan, Maya

    "People seeking to alleviate leaky gut syndrome--and who follow such diets as GAPS, paleo, and gluten-free or a specific carbohydrate diet--will find delicious relief in the pages of this cookbook, featuring 120 recipes (with up to 30 variations) for bone broths, fermented foods, soups, yogurts, main meat and fish dishes, appetizers, and desserts that enable gut healing."--Amazon.com.

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  • I Never Did Like Politics

    I Never Did Like Politics

    Golway, Terry

    "A hugely entertaining celebration of one of America's greatest politicians--a source of inspiration for our equally challenging times....Fiorello La Guardia was one of the twentieth century's most colorful politicians--on the New York and national stage. He was also quintessentially American: the son of Italian immigrants, who rose in society through sheer will and chutzpah. Almost one hundred years later, America is once again grappling with issues that would have been familiar to the Little Flower, as he was affectionately known. It's time to bring back La Guardia, argues historian and journalist Terry Golway, to remind us all what an effective...

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  • A History of Fake Things on the Internet

    A History of Fake Things on the Internet

    Scheirer, Walter J.

    "As all aspects of our social and informational lives increasingly migrate online, the line between what is "real" and what is digitally fabricated grows ever thinner-and that fake content has undeniable real-world consequences. A History of Fake Things on the Internet takes the long view of how advances in technology brought us to the point where faked texts, images, and video content are nearly indistinguishable from what is authentic or true. Computer scientist Walter J. Scheirer takes a deep dive into the origins of fake news, conspiracy theories, reports of the paranormal, and other deviations from reality that have become...

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  • White Supremacy Is All Around

    White Supremacy Is All Around

    Cadet, Akilah

    "White Supremacy Is All Around arrives as the U.S.'s ongoing racial reckoning has left readers searching for voices they can trust. BIPOC and other intentionally ignored Americans want to feel heard and empowered; organization leaders and allies invested in dismantling white supremacy want a framework for how best to contribute. Dr. Akilah Cadet speaks to all these needs, drawing from her life experiences and work helping leading brands build inclusive and equitable cultures to offer an informed perspective that prioritizes intersectionality. In a series of personal stories told with candor and wit, Dr. Cadet explores the long-term work required to...

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  • The Personal Finance Cookbook

    The Personal Finance Cookbook

    Meyer, Nick (Writer of Personal finance cookbook)

    "The Personal Finance Cookbook teaches readers how to complete personal finance related tasks like budgeting, investing, and buying a house in the approachable style of a cookbook (engaging imagery, list format, each topic can stand on its own, etc.). In the same way that you don't need to know exactly how sugar and flour chemically bond to create cookies, you don't need to have an advanced knowledge of modern portfolio theory, tax code, or credit risk premiums to successfully manage your personal finances. The Personal Finance Cookbook outlines the steps you need to take to complete personal finance tasks, thereby...

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  • Rise Above the Story

    Rise Above the Story

    Kilcoyne, Karena

    "In Rise Above the Story, Karena shares with raw vulnerability how she rose above her stories of abandonment, worthlessness, and shame. She'll teach you how to finally let go of your past by embracing every beautiful, imperfect piece of yourself-no matter what your story looks like"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit

    Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit

    Sabatini Sloan, Aisha

    "An electric essay collection about Blackness, art, and dreaming of new possibilities in a time of constriction. This collection of innovative, penetrating, and lively essays features swimming pools and poets, road trips and museums, family dinners and celebrity sightings. In a voice that is at once piercing, mournful, and slyly comic, Aisha Sabatini Sloan inhabits several roles: she is an art enthusiast in Los Angeles during a city-wide manhunt; a daughter on a road trip with her father; a professor playing with puppets in the wilds of Vermont; an interloper on a police ride-along in Detroit; a collector of the...

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