• My Place in the Sun

    My Place in the Sun

    Stevens, George

    "The son of a celebrated Hollywood director emerges from his father's shadow to claim his own place as a major force in American culture. George Stevens, Jr. tells an intimate and moving tale of his relationship with his Oscar-winning father and his own exciting career in Hollywood and Washington. Fascinating people, priceless stories and a behind-the-scenes view of some of America's major cultural and political events grace this riveting memoir. George Stevens, Jr. grew up in Hollywood working on film classics with his father and writes vividly of his experience on the sets of A Place in the Sun (1951),...

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  • DJ Screw

    DJ Screw

    Walker, Lance Scott

    ""Screw music doesn't peak. It just grinds." DJ Screw was a Houston DJ who became famous in the 1990s for slowing down rap songs (think: playing a 45 rpm record at 33 1/3 speed), and repeating key lyrics, while local rappers sometimes freestyled over theinstrumental portions of the mix. The slowed-down sound became synonymous with Houston, and was often referred to as "chopped & Screwed." It was literally homemade music; Screw recorded in his house, re-mixed the sessions to cassette tapes, and those tapes then went into cars that went booming into the same Houston streets that the local rappers...

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  • The Joy of Basketball

    The Joy of Basketball

    Detrick, Ben

    "A vibrant, unconventional, highly opinionated guide to the triumphs, joys, struggles, and heartbreaks of the modern era of the game, for every obsessive basketball fan who loves to hate hot takes"--

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  • Man Ray

    Man Ray

    Lubow, Arthur

    Man Ray (1890-1976), a founding father of Dada and a key player in French Surrealism, is one of the central artists of the twentieth century. He is also one of the most elusive. In this new biography, journalist and critic Arthur Lubow uses Man Ray?s Jewish background as one filter to understand his life and art.0 0Man Ray began life as Emmanuel Radnitsky, the eldest of four children born in Philadelphia to a mother from Minsk and a father from Kiev. When he was seven the family moved to the Williamsburgsection of Brooklyn, where both parents worked as tailors. Defying...

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  • Tony Hillerman

    Tony Hillerman

    Morris, James McGrath

    "Full-length biography of mystery writer, Tony Hillerman (1925-2008), whose Leaphorn/Chee novels introduced non-Native Americans to the mysteries of Navajo culture"--

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