• Magnolia Elementary

    Magnolia Elementary School (Seattle, Wash.)

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  • Latona Elementary

    Latona Elementary School (Seattle, Wash.)

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  • Madrona Elementary

    Madrona Elementary School (Seattle, Wash.)

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  • Washington Junior High School

    Washington Junior High School (Seattle, Wash.)

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  • The Ottomans

    The Ottomans

    Darke, Diana

    At its height, the Ottoman Empire spread from Yemen to the gates of Vienna. Western perceptions of the Ottomans have often been distorted by Orientalism, characterizing their rule as oppressive and destructive, while seeing their culture as exotic and incomprehensible. Based on a lifetime's experience of living and working across its former provinces, Diana Darke offers a unique overview of the Ottoman Empire's cultural legacy one century after its dissolution. She uncovers a vibrant, sophisticated civilization that embraced both arts and sciences, whilst welcoming refugees from all ethnicities and religions, notably Christians and Jews. 00Darke celebrates the culture of the...

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