• Gorgoneion


    Rocheteau, Casey

    "Gorgoneion explores the us or them mentality that has permeated U.S. culture since the mid-2010s. Whether personal, political or historical, this collection constantly asks the questions 'what are we doing?' and 'where do we go from here?' Taking on a number of social justice issues, Gorgoneion weaves in wit and humor to add levity to the more somber subject matter throughout the collection. In moments, it reflects a tender interiority and desire to belong while using this sense of alienation to poke holes in the logic of groupthink"--Amazon.com.

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  • Nomenclature


    Brand, Dionne

    "Spanning almost four decades, Dionne Brand's poetry has given rise to whole new grammars and vocabularies. With a profound alertness that is attuned to this world and open to some other, possibly future, time and place, Brand's ongoing labors of witness and imagination speak directly to where and how we live and reach beyond those worlds, their enclosures, and their violences.Nomenclature: New and Collected Poems begins with a new long poem, the titular Nomenclature for the time being, in which Dionne Brand's diaspora consciousness dismantles our quotidian disasters. In addition to this searing new work, Nomenclature collects eight volumes of...

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  • New Life

    New Life

    Boezieceviac, Ana

    "A collection of poetry by Ana Boezieceviac"--

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  • What Small Sound

    What Small Sound

    Bell, Francesca

    "Francesca Bell's second collection of poems, What Small Sound, interrogates what it means to be a mother in a country where there are five times as many guns as children; female in a country where a woman is raped every two minutes; and citizen of a world teeming with iniquities and peril. In poems rich in metaphor and music and unflinching in their gaze, Bell offers us an exacting view of the audiologist's booth and the locked ward as she grapples with the gradual loss of her own hearing and the mentalillness spreading its dark wings over her family. This...

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  • Some of the Light

    Some of the Light

    Hernandez, Tim Z.

    "Some of the Light: New & Selected gathers the first 25 years of Hernandez's award-winning poetry, offering a glimpse at the trajectory of a rising contemplative American author. At its core, Some of the Light contains collected poems of love, told through the lens of a single father raising two children alone in the borderlands. They are at times intimate and confessional, telescoping from personal relationships to spiritual inquiry, from human rights to the environment, while between the cracks of the poems are poetic contemplations, chronicling the passing days of the pandemic"--

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  • Redaction


    Kaphar, Titus

    "MacArthur fellows Reginald Dwayne Betts and Titus Kaphar present a stunning literary and artistic collaboration that confronts the abuses of the criminal justice system. Throughout their award-winning careers, visual artist and filmmaker Titus Kaphar and poet, memoirist, and attorney Reginald Dwayne Betts have shed light on the violences of incarceration and the underexplored contradictions of American history. In Redaction, they unite their different mediums to expose the ways the legal system exploits and erases the poor and incarcerated from public consciousness. First exhibited at MoMA PS1, the fifty "Redaction" prints layer Kaphar's etched portraits of incarcerated individuals with Betts's poetry,...

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  • Collected Poems

    Collected Poems

    Voigt, Ellen Bryant

    "In eight extraordinary volumes spanning five decades, Ellen Bryant Voigt has created a body of work distinguished by its formal precision, rigorous intelligence, and meticulous observation of nature, history, and domestic life. This definitive collection showcases the brilliant career of "a quintessential American elegist""--

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  • Quiet


    Bulley, Victoria Adukwei

    "A thrilling Black British poet making her American debut explores the importance of "quiet" in producing forms of community, resistance, and love"--

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  • The Craft of Poetry

    The Craft of Poetry

    Newlyn, Lucy

    A wonderfully accessible handbook to the art of writing and reading poetry--itself written entirely in verse.

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  • Beast at Every Threshold

    Beast at Every Threshold

    Wee, Natalie

    "A formidable collection of poems that deconstructs the notion of "otherness" through folklore and myth. An unflinching shapeshifter, Beast at Every Threshold dances between familial hauntings and cultural histories, intimate hungers and broader griefs. Memories become malleable, pop culture provides a backdrop to glittery queer love, and folklore speaks back as a radical tool of survival. With unapologetic precision, Natalie Wee unravels constructs of "otherness" and names language our most familiar weapon, illuminating the intersections of queerness, diaspora, and loss with obsessive, inexhaustible ferocity - and in resurrecting the self rendered a site of violence, makes visible the "Beast at...

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