• In the Current Where Drowning Is Beautiful

    In the Current Where Drowning Is Beautiful

    Chabitnoy, Abigail

    "Award-winning poet interweaves English and Alutiiq as a response to the colonial violence and the silencing of indigenous women, in particular the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls"--

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  • And Still I Rise

    And Still I Rise

    Angelou, Maya

    Maya Angelou's third poetry collection, a unique celebration of life, consists of rhythms of strength, love, and remembrance, songs of the street, and lyrics of the heart.

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  • More Than Organs

    More Than Organs

    Barrett, Kay Ulanday

    "A love letter to Brown, Queer, and Trans futures, Kay Ulanday Barrett's More Than Organs questions "whatever wholeness means" for bodies always in transit, for the safeties and dangers they silo. These poems remix people of color as earthbenders, replay "the choreography of loss" after the 2015 Pulse shooting, and till joy from the cosmic sweetness of a family's culinary history. Barrett works "to build / a shelter // of / everyone / [they] meet," from aunties to the legendary Princess Urduja to their favorite air sign. More than organs tattoos grief across the knuckles of its left hand and...

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  • What the Moon Gave Her

    What the Moon Gave Her

    Steyn, Christi

    It is never too late to become all that you envision. Your birth happens more than once so sink into each feeling of uncertainty and ride with the waves. From loneliness, fear, and change comes a breathtaking collection of poetry that inspires strength and self-healing during a time when we couldn't feel farther apart. This is a poetry collection born from self-discovery. The debut collection from Christi Steyn delves into themes of self-doubt, anxiety, and the unprecedented loss felt during the height of the pandemic. Beauty is found in every corner of this book's six dynamic chapters--"birth by the ocean",...

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  • The Drunken Boat

    The Drunken Boat

    Rimbaud, Arthur

    "Poet, prodigy, precursor, punk: the short, precocious, uncompromisingly rebellious career of the poet Arthur Rimbaud is one of the legends of modern literature. By the time he was twenty, Rimbaud had written a series of poems that are not only masterpieces in themselves but that forever transformed the idea of what poetry is. Without him, surrealism is inconceivable, and his influence is palpable in artists as diverse as Henry Miller, John Ashbery, Bob Dylan, and Patti Smith. In this essential volume, renowned translator Mark Polizzotti offers authoritative and inspired new versions of Rimbaud's major poems and letters, including generous selection...

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  • The Symmetry of Fish

    The Symmetry of Fish

    Cho, Su

    "From National Poetry Series winner Su Cho, chosen by Paige Lewis, a debut poetry collection about immigration, memory, and a family's lexicon. Language and lore are at the core of The Symmetry of Fish, a moving debut about coming-of-age in the middle of nowhere. With striking and tender insight, it seeks to give voice to those who have been denied their stories, and examines the way phrases and narratives are passed down through immigrant families-not diluted over time, but distilled into potency over generations. In this way, a family's language is not lost but continuously remade, hitched to new associations,...

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  • Women Holding Things

    Women Holding Things

    Kalman, Maira

    "Women Holding Things includes the bright, bold images featured in the booklet as well as an additional sixty-seven new paintings highlighted by thoughtful and intimate anecdotes, recollections, and ruminations. Most are portraits of women, both ordinary and famous, including Virginia Woolf, Sally Hemings, Hortense Cezanne, Gertrude Stein, as well as Kalman's family members and other real-life people. These women hold a range of objects, from the mundane--balloons, a cup, a whisk, a chicken, a hat--to the abstract--dreams and disappointments, sorrow and regret, joy and love. Women Holding Things explores the significance of the objects we carry--in our hands, hearts, and...

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  • Corporal Punishments

    Yarfitz, Mir

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  • Belly to the Brutal

    Belly to the Brutal

    Givhan, Jennifer

    "Poetry that measures the intergenerational transference of violence and trauma and renders these meditations healing and redemptive"--

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  • The Truffle Eye

    The Truffle Eye

    Nguyen, Vaan

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