• I Love Information

    I Love Information

    Bush, Courtney

    "I Love Information is a vigorous examination of knowledge, belief, and which begets which"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • The Wonder of Small Things

    The Wonder of Small Things

    "James Crews, editor of two best-selling poetry anthologies, presents an all-new collection of highly accessible poems on the theme of celebrating moments of wonder and peace in everyday life. The anthology features a foreword by Nikita Gill and a carefully curated selection of poems from a diverse range of authors"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Guardians


    Bachy, Catherine

    "Where is home when you're the daughter of immigrants? When is it safe to say you're gay? Author and poet Catherine Bachy has been traversing cultures all her life. Bicultural and bilingual from birth, she often finds herself in between worlds, sensitive to the sideways looks aimed at families like hers who aren't quite like the others, alert for the subtle cues that affirm, 'This is where you belong.' In Guardians, Bachy has crafted a compelling collection of lyrical essays that blend the personal, political, and spiritual, piecing together the touchstones that serve as the foundation for her identity."--Publisher's web...

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  • Sun Under Wood

    Sun Under Wood

    Hass, Robert

    Sun Under Wood ... "extends and deepens Hass's ongoing explorations of nature and human history, solitude and the bonds of children, parents, and lovers. Here his passion for apprehending experience with language - for creating experience with language - finds supple form in poems that embrace all that is alive and full of joy."--Amazon.com

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  • The Asking

    The Asking

    Hirshfield, Jane

    "The Asking opens with new and urgent poems by Jane Hirshfield, in which she faces again the contradictions that have shaped her work: "Some take/ in witnessed suffering, pleasure," she writes. "Some make, of witnessed suffering, beauty." The volume then returns to the beginning, carrying us from her earliest volumes (including Of Gravity and Angels; Given Sugar, Given Salt; and After), up through the important recent work (Come, Thief; The Beauty; Ledger). We find poems of the smallest ant and the vastness of time, of hunger and bounty, of science and war and love in its myriad forms. Whether it...

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  • Hydra Medusa

    Hydra Medusa

    Shimoda, Brandon

    "A book of poetry, dreams and speculative talks, collected from the psychic detritus of living in the US-Mexico borderlands. Part coping mechanism, part magical act, Hydra Medusa was composed while Brandon Shimoda was working five jobs and raising a child--during bus commutes, before bed, at sunrise. Encountering the ghosts of Japanese American ancestors, friends, children and bodies of water, it asks: what is the desert but a site where people have died, are dying; are buried, unburied, memorialized, erased. Where they are trying, against and within the energy of it all, to contend with our inherited present--and to live"--From Amazon.com...

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  • Tarta Americana

    Tarta Americana

    Martinez, J. Michael

    "A suite of poems that channels the legendary singer-songwriter Ritchie Valens to examine and question mid-twentieth-century conceptions of race and art, identity and desire"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Elektrik


    Jean-gilles, Mireille (EDT)/ Fishman, Eric (TRN)

    "Eight female writers from Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe explore the beauty, pain, and complexity wrapped up in their Caribbean identities. A collection of poems and short stories translated from French"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Poems for Palestine

    Poems for Palestine

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  • Head Off & Split

    Head Off & Split

    Finney, Nikky

    "Nikky Finney has been a fine poet much too long to say that this latest treasure is her promise coming into being. She exploded with so much talent with On Wings Made of Gauze and beautifully matured with Rice, yet Head Off & Split takes the promise of youth with the control of adulthood to bring her greatest exploration. Honest, searing, searching. We all, especially now, need this book of poems; we all, especially now, need this poet."--Nikki Giovanni, author of Bicycles.

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