• Ana Takes Manhattan

    Ana Takes Manhattan

    Decos, Lissette

    "Ana Karina loves her job-though she isn't quite where she thought she'd be by now. As reality tv producer, she orchestrates extravagant marriage proposals that always (read: mostly) go as planned. If they don't, she's not afraid to cut and paste scenes to perfection afterward. Even if her arrogant film editor isn't a fan. But what does he know about romance anyway? If only Ana's love life was as simple as fixing botched engagements. She's sick and tired of guys who give her the ick. Open toed sandals? Gross. Mr. Casual. No, thanks. Wears a toupe? Cut! Ana's got a...

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  • Marvelous


    Greeley, Molly

    A novel set in the French royal court of Catherine de' Medici during the Renaissance follows Pedro Gonzales, an unusual man who, delivered by a slave broker into France's royal court, becomes the favorite of the queen who is determined to find him a bride.

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  • Never Seduce A Duke

    Never Seduce A Duke

    Lorret, Vivienne

    Mistaken for a notorious thief known for seducing men to distraction while on holiday, Margaret Stredwick, longing for adventure, eagerly plays along until she returns to her ordinary life, soon discovering that her grand flirtation with the Duke of Merleton won't be secret for long.

    Format: Book

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  • Barbarian Mine

    Barbarian Mine

    Dixon, Ruby

    "The fourth novel in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, an international publishing phenomenon--now in a special print edition with bonus materials and an exclusive story! Harlow receives the shock of her life when she wakes up to see Rukh, a stranger whohas clearly been on his own for most of his life, but she soon learns that there is much more to this gruff savage than meets the eye. The ice planet has given me a new lease on life, so I'm thrilled to be here. Sure, there are no cheeseburgers, but I'm healthy and ready to be a productive...

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  • A Love by Design

    A Love by Design

    Everett, Elizabeth

    "You couldn't design a better hero than the very eligible and extremely charming Earl Grantham. Unless, of course, you are Margaret Gault, who wants nothing to do with the man who broke her youthful heart. Widowed and determined, Margaret Gault has returned to Athena's Retreat and the welcoming arms of her fellow secret scientists with an ambitious plan in mind: to establish England's first woman-owned engineering firm. But from the moment she sets foot in London her plans are threatened by greedy investors and -- at literally every turn -- the irritatingly attractive Earl Grantham, a man she can never...

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