• Self-portrait With Nothing

    Self-portrait With Nothing

    Pokwatka, Aimee

    "Aimee Pokwatka's novel Self-Portrait with Nothing is "fraught and deeply moving...the work of a genuinely exciting new talent." (Booker Prize winner, George Saunders). If a picture paints a thousand worlds... Abandoned as an infant on the local veterinarian's front porch, Pepper Rafferty was raised by two loving mothers, and now at thirty-six is married to the stable, supportive Ike. She's never told anyone that at fifteen she discovered the identity of her biological mother. That's because her birth mother is Ula Frost, a reclusive painter famous for the outrageous claims that her portraits summon their subjects' doppelgangers from parallel universes....

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  • Night Shift ; Plus, Ursula and the Author ; Plus, Promised Lands

    Night Shift ; Plus, Ursula and the Author ; Plus, Promised Lands

    Gunn, Eileen

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  • Trinity's Children

    Trinity's Children

    Bara, Dave

    "Jared Clement has returned to Trinity, not as a mere ship captain but now as a 5 Suns Fleet Admiral. With his promotion comes increased responsibility that weighs heavy on his shoulders. 30,000 settlers are leaving the dying planets of the Rim, his home, and resettling next to the natives of the planet Bellus. Clement is responsible for those lives and the lives of the natives, Trinity's children, and for building a better future for them all. But when his migrant fleet arrives in the Trinity system, they are faced with enemies both old and new. Former Fleet Admiral Elara...

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  • What Not

    What Not

    Macaulay, Rose

    "A government ministry decides to increase national brain-power, and stave off the coming idiocracy, through a program of compulsory selective breeding. The propaganda efforts in support of this endeavor are amazing. The book ends on an ambiguous note: Is the victory of "human perverseness, human stupidity, human self-will" over autocratic bureaucracy a triumph? Or not? Macaulay - a beloved British writer best known for The Towers of Trebizond - worked in the British Propaganda Dept. during WWI. When British censors discovered that What Not ridiculed wartime bureaucracy, its 1918 publication was stopped. An influence on Huxley's "Brave New World.""--

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  • The Spare Man

    The Spare Man

    Kowal, Mary Robinette

    Hugo and Nebula Award Winner Mary Robinette Kowal blends her no-nonsense, hard-SF appraoch to life in space with her talent for creating glittering high society in this stylish SF mystery. Tesla Crane, a brilliant inventor and an heiress, is on her honeymoon via an interplanetary space liner. Cruising between the Moon and Mars, she's traveling incognito and reveling in her anonymity. Then someone is murdered and the festering chowderheads who run security have the audacity to arrest her spouse. Armed with banter, martinis, and her small service dog, Tesla is determined to solve the crime so that the newlyweds can...

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  • The Immortality Thief

    The Immortality Thief

    Hunt, Taran

    "Refugee, criminal, and linguist Sean Wren is made an offer he knows he can't refuse: life in prison, 'voluntary' military service--or salvaging data in a long-dead language from an abandoned ship filled with traps and monsters, just days before it's destroyed in a supernova... In the bowels of the derelict ship, surrounded by horrors and dead men, Sean slowly uncovers the truth of what happened on the ship, in its final days and the terrible secret it's hiding"--

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  • Saturnalia


    Feldman, Stephanie

    "The Saturnalia carnival marks three years since Nina walked away from Philadelphia's elite Saturn Club--with its genteel debauchery, arcane pecking order, and winking interest in alchemy and the occult. In doing so, she abandoned her closest friends and her chance to climb the social ladder. Since then, she's eked out a living by telling fortunes with her Saturn Club tarot deck, a solemn initiation gift that Nina always considered a gag but has turned out to be more useful than she could have ever imagined. For most, the Saturnalia carnival marks a brief winter reprieve for the beleaguered people of...

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  • The Face of the Waters

    The Face of the Waters

    Silverberg, Robert

    "Deep in the future, after a human offense against the natives of Hydros, the human population of the island of Sorve are ordered to leave. Forbidden on all other islands, in a flotilla of ships they seek the semi-mythical island of the Face of the Waters. During their journey they are forced to learn more about themselves, leading to questions about both religion and the purpose of humanity, all while facing danger from outside and within"--Page 4 of cover.

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  • Will Do Magic for Small Change

    Will Do Magic for Small Change

    Hairston, Andrea

    "Andrea Hairston's historical fantasy Will Do Magic for Small Change presents a tale of alien science and earthbound magic and the secrets families keep from each other. Cinnamon Jones dreams of stepping on stage and acting her heart out like her famous grandparents, Redwood and Wildfire. But she's always been theatrically challenged. That won't necessarily stop her! But her family life is a tangle of mysteries and secrets, and nobody is telling her the whole truth. Before her brother died, he gave Cinnamon The Chronicles of the Great Wanderer--a tale of a Dahomean warrior woman and an alien from another...

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  • Deathless Gods

    Deathless Gods

    Hodgell, P. C.

    "Jamethiel Knorth, Priest's Bane and Dream-Weaver, has returned victorious from Tai-tastigon, but trouble dogs the Kencyrath. There is intrigue among the Highborn. The Randir and his allies want the larger houses to decide for all nine, which would strip the Highlordship from the Knorth. At Omiroth, a senile king struggles against his venal son-in-law -- but if neither of these can rule, the next in line is a mother-dominated child. Kindrie Soul-Walker is captured and thrown in a secret dungeon, a political prisoner. And a Kendar administrator, dissatisfied with the use that Jame is making of the gates, schemes against...

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