• The Actual Star

    The Actual Star

    Byrne, Monica

    Through the epic saga of three reincarnated souls, this book takes readers on a journey over thousands of years and six continents where it demonstrates the entanglements of tradition and progress, sister and stranger, love and hate.

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  • No Gods, No Monsters

    No Gods, No Monsters

    Turnbull, Cadwell

    "One October morning, Laina gets the news that her brother was shot and killed by Boston cops. But what looks like a case of police brutality soon reveals something much stranger. Monsters are real. And they want everyone to know it. As creatures from myth and legend come out of the shadows, seeking safety through visibility, their emergence sets off a chain of seemingly unrelated events. Members of a local werewolf pack are threatened into silence. A professor follows a missing friend's trail of bread crumbs to a mysterious secret society. And a young boy with unique abilities seeks refuge...

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  • Rogue Elements

    Rogue Elements

    Miller, John Jackson

    The captain of La Sirena, Cristóbal Rios, on the run from outlaws, fortune seekers, power brokers and relic hunters, learns that a good crew is hard to find as he draws on a Starfleet legend's experiences when he stumbles upon a mystery.

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  • In the Watchful City

    In the Watchful City

    Lu, S. Qiouyi

    "The city of Ora is watching. Anima is an extrasensory human tasked with surveilling and protecting Ora's citizens via a complex living network called the Gleaming. Although ær world is restricted to what æ can see and experience through the Gleaming, Anima takes pride and comfort in keeping Ora safe from harm. When a mysterious outsider enters the city carrying a cabinet of curiosities from around with the world with a story attached to each item, Anima's world expands beyond the borders of Ora to places--and possibilities--æ never before imagined to exist. But such knowledge leaves Anima with a question...

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  • The Exiled Fleet

    The Exiled Fleet

    Dewes, J. S.

    "The Sentinels narrowly escaped the collapsing edge of the Divide. They have mustered a few other surviving Sentinels, but with no engines, they have no way to leave the edge of the universe before they starve. Adequin Rake has gathered a team to find the materials they'll need to get everyone out. To do that they're going to need new allies and evade a ruthless enemy. Some of them will not survive"--

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  • Dune


    Herbert, Brian

    "From Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, Dune: The Lady of Caladan is a brand new novel in the internationally bestselling Dune series. Lady Jessica, mother of Paul, and consort to Leto Atreides. The choices she made shaped an empire, but first the Ladyof Caladan must reckon with her own betrayal of the Bene Gesserit. She has already betrayed her ancient order, but now she must decide if her loyalty to the Sisterhood is more important than the love of her own family. Meanwhile, events in the greater empire are accelerating beyond the control of even the Reverend Mother, and...

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  • The Body Scout

    The Body Scout

    Michel, Lincoln

    "Kobo has some problems. His cybernetics are a decade out of date, he's got a pair of twin sister loan sharks knocking on his door, and his work scouting for a baseball league run by pharmaceutical companies is about to go belly-up. Things couldn't get much worse. Then his childhood best friend--Monsanto Mets slugger J.J. Zunz--is murdered at home plate. Determined to find the killer, Kobo plunges into the dark corners and glittering cloud condos of a world ravaged by climate change and repeat pandemics,and where genetic editing and advanced drugs mean you can have any body you want--as long...

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  • Purgatory's Shore

    Purgatory's Shore

    Anderson, Taylor

    "On their way to fight in the Mexican-American War, a group of American soldiers are swept away to a strange and deadly alternate Earth in this thrilling new adventure set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Destroyermen series. The United States, 1847. A disparate group of young American soldiers are bound to join General Winfield Scott's campaign against Santa Anna at Veracruz during the Mexican-American War. They never arrive. Or rather . . . they arrive somewhere else. The untried, idealistic soldiers are mostly replacements, really; a handful of infantry, artillery, dragoons, and a few mounted riflemen...

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  • Winds of Wrath

    Winds of Wrath

    Anderson, Taylor

    "Matt Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker are positioned to push the line of battle to the breaking point on an alternate Earth, in the thrilling return to the New York Times bestselling Destroyermen series. Matt Reddy and his sailors have fought, bled,and died for their Lemurian friends and other allies from across time, but their enemies are still operational. In Africa, the Grik General Esshk has escaped defeat to build a new army and new weapons, and is desperate enough to use them to destroy the world if he can't have it. In South America, the NUS,...

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  • King Bullet

    King Bullet

    Kadrey, Richard

    The incredible finale of the page-turning, high-octane Sandman Slim series filled with an explosive ending and intense kick-ass action. It's been three months since Stark stopped a death cult and a potential ghost apocalypse, and he's at loose ends. His personal life is a mess. His professional life isn't much better. And the world...well, the world is going to shit. L.A. is gripped by a viral epidemic that has everyone wearing masks and keeping their distance from each other. But what's even more frightening is the Shoggot gang and their leader, King Bullet, who revels in the city's collapse. Who...

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