• Ascension


    Binge, Nicholas

    "A mind-bending speculative thriller in which the sudden appearance of a mountain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean leads a group of scientists to a series of jaw-dropping revelations that challenge the notion of what it means to be human An enormous snow-covered mountain has appeared in the Pacific Ocean. No one knows when exactly it showed up, precisely how big it might be, or how to explain its existence. When Harold Tunmore, a scientist of mysterious phenomena, is contacted by a shadowy organizationto help investigate, he has no idea what he is getting into as he and his...

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  • Beyond the Burn Line

    Beyond the Burn Line

    McAuley, Paul J.

    "After the death of his master, a famous scholar, Pilgrim Saltmire vows to complete their research into sightings of so-called visitors and their sky craft. Risking his reputation and his life, Pilgrim's search for the truth takes him from his comfortablehome in the shadow of a great library to his tribe's former home on the chilly coast of the far south, and the gathering of a dangerous cult in the high desert. Whether or not the visitors are real, one thing is certain. Pilgrim's world and everything hethought he knew about his people's history will be utterly changed"--

    Format: Book

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  • Barbarian Mine

    Barbarian Mine

    Dixon, Ruby

    "The fourth novel in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, an international publishing phenomenon--now in a special print edition with bonus materials and an exclusive story! Harlow receives the shock of her life when she wakes up to see Rukh, a stranger whohas clearly been on his own for most of his life, but she soon learns that there is much more to this gruff savage than meets the eye. The ice planet has given me a new lease on life, so I'm thrilled to be here. Sure, there are no cheeseburgers, but I'm healthy and ready to be a productive...

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  • Chance


    FitzSimmons, Matthew

    After his latest "refresh," Chance awakens to accusations that he's killed a stranger he has never met, and wondering if it was one of his clones, digs into the man's background and the mysteries of his own life and death, while staying one step ahead ofthe LAPD.

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  • Afterglow


    Grist (EDT)/ Brown, Adrienne Maree (FRW)

    "Hopeful and forward-looking futuristic short stories that explore how the power of storytelling can help create the world we need"--

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  • Frontier


    Curtis, Grace

    "In the distant future most of the human race has fled a ravaged Earth to find new life on other planets. For those who stayed a lawless society remains. Then a ship falls from the sky, bringing the planet's first visitor in three hundred years. This Stranger is a crewmember on the first ship in centuries to attempt a return to Earth and save what's left. But her escape pod crashes hundreds of miles away from the rest of the wreckage. The Stranger finds herself adrift in a ravaged, unwelcoming landscape,full of people who hate and fear her space-born existence....

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  • High Noon on Proxima B

    High Noon on Proxima B

    Boop, David (EDT)

    "Adventure! Danger! Revenge! And a mail-order robot gunslinger in a wedding dress? Only in the wildest parts of space could this happen. It's time again to get in your ramshackle rocket ship and journey to the universe's western territories with this follow-up to Gunfight on Europa Station. Meet the employees of a space bordello as they're drawn together to pull a con on a con. Or the crew filming a Western on a colony ship only to fight gravity and each other. Or a soldier on a backwater planet hiding from her past when it-and the military-finally tracks her down....

    Format: Book

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  • Saving Time

    Saving Time

    Taylor, Jodi

    "But Time waits for no one and neither do criminal masterminds. A major threat to the Timeline is looming, one far deadlier than mere idiots who want to change history. And when a familiar face becomes a Very Important Lead, will conflicting family loyalties spell trouble for Team Weird?"--

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  • Burrowed


    Kaley, Mary Baader

    In the distant future, a genetic plague has separated humanity in two - Subterraneans who live in underground burrows to protect their health, and strong surface-dwelling Omniterraneans. Zuzan Cayan, a brilliant Subter girl with "light blindness," is about to leave the safety of her burrow and earn a living. With her low life expectancy, however, her options are slim. That is until she's offered the chance of a lifetime to study the population's broken genetic code, fix the divide and reunite the world once again. But when a new virus turns fatal for the Omnits, Zuzan must find a cure...

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  • The Hopkins Manuscript

    The Hopkins Manuscript

    Sherriff, R. C.

    "For fans of the popular and award-winning Netflix movie Don't Look Up, a prescient, rediscovered speculative novel about how a small English village prepares for the end of the world. Edgar Hopkins is a retired math teacher in his mid-fifties with a strong sense of self-importance, whose greatest pride in life is winning poultry breeding contests. When not meticulously caring for his Bantam, Edgar is an active member of the British Lunar Society. Thanks to that affiliation, Edgar becomes one of the first people to learn the moon is on a collision course, headed towards Earth. Members of the society...

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