• Caste


    Wilkerson, Isabel

    "This work is based on Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, copyright © 2020 by Isabel Wilkerson. Originally published in the United States in hardcover by Random House, an imprint and division of Penguin Random House LLC"--

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  • Kurt Vonnegut

    Kurt Vonnegut

    Wakefield, Dan

    "Dan Wakefield's biography of Kurt Vonnegut: "You could say the same for his stories, novels, and memoirs. And for the way he spoke. He said things that other people thought but didn't say, or hadn't dared to think, but recognized as true when they heard it. The truth is often shocking, he wrote, because we hear it so seldomly.""--

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  • The Media and Me

    The Media and Me

    Project Censored (U.S.)

    "During the recent presidential election, "media literacy" became a buzzword that signified the threat media manipulation posed to democratic processes. Meanwhile, statistical research has shown that 8 to 18 year-olds pack more than eleven hours with some form of media into each day by "media multitasking." Young people are not only eager and interested to learn about and discuss the realities of media ownership, production, and distribution, they also deserve to understand differential power structures in how media influences our culture. The Media and Me provides readers with the tools and perspectives to be empowered and autonomous media users. The...

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  • Adulting 101

    Adulting 101

    Beilenson, Hannah

    "A teenager's guide to all the skills you never learned in school. From low-stress laundry and kitchen hacks, to navigating health insurance and healthy friendships, this book is full of tips to help you face a crazy world head-on"--

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  • Nearer My Freedom

    Nearer My Freedom

    Edinger, Monica

    "Using Olaudah Equiano's autobiography as the source, the text shares Equiano's life story in found verse. Readers will follow his story from his childhood in Africa, enslavement at a young age, liberation, and life as a free man"--

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  • Michi Challenges History

    Michi Challenges History

    Mochizuki, Ken

    "A powerful biography of Michi Weglyn, the Japanese American fashion designer whose activism fueled a movement for recognition of and reparations for America's World War II concentration camps. The daughter of Japanese immigrants, Michi Nishiura Weglyn was confined in Arizona's Gila River concentration camp during World War II. She later became a costume designer for Broadway and worked as the wardrobe designer for some of the most popular television personalities of the '50s and early '60s. In 1968, after a televised statement by the US Attorney General that concentration camps in America never existed, Michi embarked on an eight-year solo...

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  • The Driving Book for Teens

    The Driving Book for Teens

    Stiles, Maureen

    Stay safe and smart on the road--a complete driving guide for teensGetting a driver's license is an exciting milestone for teens that comes with an amazing sense of freedom and independence--but it's also a big responsibility. Help them be cautious and confident behind the wheel with this ultimate guide to driving for teens. The rules of the road--Make it easy for teens to learn road signs, proper turning and passing etiquette, defensive driving, and more. Acing the test--Teens will find 100 practice questions and an explanation of what their written and driving tests will look like so they can be...

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  • I Could Not Do Otherwise

    I Could Not Do Otherwise

    Latta, Sara L.

    "This book explores the extraordinary life and work of Mary Edwards Walker, a Civil War surgeon, a spy captured by the Confederacy, and the only woman to have ever been awarded the Medal of Honor."--

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  • Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning

    Teens' Guide to College & Career Planning

    Muchnick, Justin Ross

    Outlines strategies for planning a post-high-school life involving college, the military, or a career, and provides real-world recommendations on how to make the most of a high-school education in order to achieve specific goals.

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  • Studio Ghibli

    Studio Ghibli

    "A beautiful, full-color dive into the history and future of Studio Ghibli, Japan's preeminent animation house. In-depth looks at every one of their 26 feature films - including the latest, Earwig and the Witch - means there's something for everyone, while exclusive interviews and rare director's commentary plus behind-the-scenes tidbits will excite even the most devoted Ghibli afficionados. A gorgeous, stirring must-have for Studio Ghibli fans and newcomers alike! From classics like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind to the latest work, Earwig and the Witch, this beautiful art book introduces all 26 acclaimed Studio Ghibli films. Take a...

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