• Michaels Desserts

    Michaels Desserts

    Platt, Michael C

    "Debut cookbook from Michael C. Platt, a teen baker, social entrepreneur, and food-justice advocate. This cookbook from Michael C. Platt will quickly become a favorite as you build skills in the kitchen, whip up some tasty treats, celebrate history, learn about Michael's mission to end food insecurity one dessert at a time, and find out how you can do it too. The collection includes Michael's signature Freedom Fighter Cupcakes themed around figures from the history of civil rights and activism-Martin Luther King Jr., Grandpa Kitchen, José Andrés, Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Harriet Tubman, and more-as well as...

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  • The British Are Coming

    The British Are Coming

    Atkinson, Rick

    "A young readers edition of Rick Atkinson's The British Are Coming"--

    Format: Book

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  • Food Stars

    Food Stars

    Mahoney, Ellen Voelckers

    "[Profiles] fifteen . . . women have made great strides in the field of food, whether it's coming up with meals for astronauts to eat in space, operating a 20-acre farm, hosting a food podcast, or fighting for food rights"--Provided by publisher.

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  • More Than Money

    More Than Money

    Dyer, Hadley

    "Economic inequality affects everybody. No matter how rich or poor you are, economic inequality impacts every aspect of your life--the place where you live, the opportunities you experience, the healthcare you get, the education you receive. More Than Money breaks down why the rich seem to be getting richer while the rest of us are struggling to just get by. With vivid, energetic illustrations, the use of graphs and charts, and tips for how to investigate topics of interest, readers learn the most important issues and ideas in economics to better understand the consequences of inequality."--

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  • The Shonen Jump Guide to Making Manga

    The Shonen Jump Guide to Making Manga

    "From Dragon Ball to Demon Slayer, from One Piece to My Hero Academia and beyond, Weekly Shonen Jump has published some of the finest manga to grace the earth. Now, the creators and editors behind several of the most popular manga in Shonen Jump sit down to discuss how to craft exciting stories, how to use your tools to the best of your abilities, and more. Whether you're getting started on your artistic path or a veteran looking for new tips, The Shonen Jump Guide to Making Manga is the perfect book to sharpen your skills. Featuring commentary and advice...

    Format: Book

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