• Half A Pig and Other Frontier Stories

    Half A Pig and Other Frontier Stories

    Mayo, Matthew P.

    "Gathered for the first time, this robust collection of eighteen frontier tales, Half a Pig (and Other Stories of the West), from Spur and Wrangler Award-winning author Matthew P. Mayo, rides hard with a range of fast-action offerings, including the previously unpublished novella, "Trouble at Tall Pine," starring ever-popular Roamer, noble loner forever trying to lose himself in the West. Inside, you'll find the lynching-inspired Spur Award finalist title story, 'Half a Pig'; the bone-cold, eye-for-an-eyedrama of Will Rogers Medallion Award-winning 'Peaches'; the clanking, clockwork gundown of Peacemaker Award finalist 'Scourge of the Spoils'; and numerous other critically acclaimed short...

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  • Beneath the Bending Skies

    Beneath the Bending Skies

    Kirkpatrick, Jane

    "A young woman torn between duty and her own happiness defies her father to become the wife of a man with few prospects. Based on a true story"--

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  • Black Hills Blood Hunt

    Black Hills Blood Hunt

    Johnstone, William W.

    When the daughter of his good friend, President Theodore Roosevelt, is kidnapped by a corrupt policeman who plans to control the commander-in-chief before killing him, legendary former lawman Seth Bullock gathers together a deadly posse of rough riders totake down the gang in a hail of bullets.

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  • The Wintering Place

    The Wintering Place

    McCarthy, Kevin

    "Deserting to escape the horrors of the Indian Wars, two Irish brothers seek peace with the woman they love. For fans of Cormac McCarthy. Dakota Territory, 1867. The O'Driscoll brothers have survived a Sioux massacre, but younger brother Michael is gravely wounded. The deserters are fleeing north with Tom's lover, Sara, when they come upon a sheltering rock by a stream down off the Bozeman Trail. If there is game here, they may survive the winter. "Wanted" posters appear everywhere along the trail. The likenesses do not resemble the brothers, but their uniforms give them away. Enter any town, and...

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  • Traces


    Hudson, Patricia L.

    "An early American adage proclaimed, "The frontier was heaven for men and dogs-hell for women and mules." Since the 1700s, when his name first appeared in print, Daniel Boone has been synonymous with America's westward expansion and life on the frontier.Traces is a retelling of Boone's saga through the eyes of his wife, Rebecca, and her two oldest daughters, Susannah and Jemima. Daniel became a mythic figure during his lifetime, but his fame fueled backwoods gossip that bedeviled the Boone women throughout their lives-most notably the widespread suspicion that one of Rebecca's children was fathered by Daniel's younger brother. Traces...

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  • Valley of Shadows

    Valley of Shadows

    Ruiz, Rudy

    "Solitario Cisneros thought his life was over long ago. He lost his wife, his family, even his country in the late 1870s when the Rio Grande shifted course, stranding the Mexican town of Olvido on the Texas side of the border. He'd made his brooding peace with retiring his gun and badge, hiding out on his ranch, and communing with horses and ghosts. But when a gruesome string of murders and kidnappings ravages the town, pushing its volatile mix of Anglo, Mexican, and Apache settlers to the brink of self-destruction, he feels reluctantly compelled to confront both life, and the...

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  • Kit Mcbride Gets A Wife

    Kit Mcbride Gets A Wife

    Barry, Amy

    "The four McBride brothers have their worlds turned upside down when their precocious younger sister secretly places an advertisement for a mail-order bride. Kit McBride knows that Buck's Creek, Montana, is no place to find a wife. Between him and his three brothers-plus little Junebug-they manage all right on their own, thank you very much. But unbeknownst to Kit, his sister is sick to death of cleaning, cooking, and mending for her big brothers, so she places an ad in The Matrimonial News to get them hitched. After Maddy Mooney emigrated from Ireland, she found employment with an eccentric but...

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  • Quicksand


    Dailey, Janet

    Forced to trust Brock Tolman, the rancher who once swindled her father in a land deal, Tess Champion, working to save her family's ranch from foreclosure, tries to deny the attraction between them, especially when they are stranded together, and the truth of their relationship comes out.

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  • Settling His Hash

    Settling His Hash

    Johnstone, William W.

    A chuckwagon cook who's also deadly with a pair of six-shooters, Dewey "Mac" Mackenzie is a man who has no qualms filling men's bellies with food--or lead. Finally cleared of a crime he didn't commit, he's able to enjoy the fruits of his labor on the trail without looking over his shoulder. But even his best served grub can be spoiled by those with evil appetites . . . After traversing California and finding nothing much to his liking, Mac Mackenzie is heeding his heart's call to return to Texas. Lucky for him, a group of cowboys heading for the...

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  • The Gunslinger's Guide to Avoiding Matrimony

    The Gunslinger's Guide to Avoiding Matrimony

    McLean, Michelle

    "At the ripe old age of twenty-eight, desperate-to-retire gunslinger Adam Brady has exactly two rules. And one of them is never, ever get married. So he'll be danged when his dreams of permanently avoiding the bounty hunter on his tail in Desolation, the only town where notorious men like him can find respite, comes with one helluva string attached. The town has a new rule: gunslingers welcome--if they get a job...or marry. Without realizing it, Adam stumbles into a big town wedding and accidentally marries Nora Schumacher, a sassy-mouthed mountain of a woman with legs as long as his wanted...

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