• High Noon on Proxima B

    High Noon on Proxima B

    Boop, David (EDT)

    "Adventure! Danger! Revenge! And a mail-order robot gunslinger in a wedding dress? Only in the wildest parts of space could this happen. It's time again to get in your ramshackle rocket ship and journey to the universe's western territories with this follow-up to Gunfight on Europa Station. Meet the employees of a space bordello as they're drawn together to pull a con on a con. Or the crew filming a Western on a colony ship only to fight gravity and each other. Or a soldier on a backwater planet hiding from her past when it-and the military-finally tracks her down....

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  • The Fires of Hell

    The Fires of Hell

    Johnstone, William W.

    When Comanchero Cullen Brice kidnaps his daughter to sell to Comanche raiders, Texas Ranger Matt McCulloch rides hard for Texas to save her, but soon discovers that hell hath no fury like a woman raised by a Ranger who's just as dangerous as her captors.

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  • Desolation Creek

    Desolation Creek

    Johnstone, William W.

    "Building a ranch takes heart and grit. Smoke and Sally Jensen are more than capable of meeting the challenges of shaping the land, raising the livestock, and establishing their brand. But Smoke wasn't always an entrepreneur. He's more apt to settle accounts with a fast draw than a checkbook. And when he learns his old friend Preacher has been ambushed by outlaws, he wastes no time saddling up and hitting the vengeance trail with his fellow mountain men Audie and Nighthawk. Preacher's attackers have takenover the town of Desolation Creek deep in Montana Territory. Their scurrilous leader, Vernon 'Venom' McFadden,...

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  • Second Chance at Rancho Lindo

    Second Chance at Rancho Lindo

    Sol, Sabrina

    "As the new horticulturist at Rancho Lindo, Nora Torres is determined to make the garden a success and prove to the Ortega family that they made the right decision in hiring her. Plants take patience and care, and that should be Nora's focus, not Gabe Ortega, who is back home on his family's ranch after an injury abruptly ended his military career. A long time ago, Nora made the mistake of believing a promise from Gabe, and she's determined not to make that mistake twice. His family hopes he's home for good, but Gabe has always wanted something else--something more--than...

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  • The Wintering Place

    The Wintering Place

    McCarthy, Kevin

    "Deserting to escape the horrors of the Indian Wars, two Irish brothers seek peace with the woman they love. For fans of Cormac McCarthy. Dakota Territory, 1867. The O'Driscoll brothers have survived a Sioux massacre, but younger brother Michael is gravely wounded. The deserters are fleeing north with Tom's lover, Sara, when they come upon a sheltering rock by a stream down off the Bozeman Trail. If there is game here, they may survive the winter. "Wanted" posters appear everywhere along the trail. The likenesses do not resemble the brothers, but their uniforms give them away. Enter any town, and...

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  • Wyoming Homecoming

    Wyoming Homecoming

    Palmer, Diana

    "She's haunted his dreams for years, and now she's back to wreak havoc on his heart When Sheriff Cody Banks's wife died, he blamed Abby Brennan for the illness he's sure killed Deborah and, in his grief, made sure she knew it. Looking back now, he knows that his behavior was likely the reason Abby left town years ago. So when he sees her -and the child she's raising- at her great-uncle 's funeral, Cody attempts to apologize, ashamed to see the fear he puts in her beautiful eyes and determined to show her he's no longer that same angry...

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  • Half A Pig and Other Frontier Stories

    Half A Pig and Other Frontier Stories

    Mayo, Matthew P.

    "Gathered for the first time, this robust collection of eighteen frontier tales, Half a Pig (and Other Stories of the West), from Spur and Wrangler Award-winning author Matthew P. Mayo, rides hard with a range of fast-action offerings, including the previously unpublished novella, "Trouble at Tall Pine," starring ever-popular Roamer, noble loner forever trying to lose himself in the West. Inside, you'll find the lynching-inspired Spur Award finalist title story, 'Half a Pig'; the bone-cold, eye-for-an-eye drama of Will Rogers Medallion Award-winning 'Peaches'; the clanking, clockwork gundown of Peacemaker Award finalist 'Scourge of the Spoils'; and numerous other critically acclaimed...

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  • Trials of A Mountain Man

    Trials of A Mountain Man

    Robertson, Donald L.

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  • Black Hills Blood Hunt

    Black Hills Blood Hunt

    Johnstone, William W.

    "Deadwood, South Dakota. Miners flock there seeking fortunes, while cardsharps, bandits, and businessmen seek to deprive those who strike gold by means fair and foul. Legendary former lawman Seth Bullock plans to keep the peace by any means necessary --- especially when his good friend, President Theodore Roosevelt, is expected in town to celebrate the anniversary of Deadwood's founding. Delayed in Washington, the President has sent his wife and children to the boomtown ahead of his arrival. But Ambrose Neill, a former New York City policeman jailed by Roosevelt for corruption, has kidnapped the President's daughter. Backed by a gang...

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  • Traces


    Hudson, Patricia L.

    "An early American adage proclaimed, "The frontier was heaven for men and dogs-hell for women and mules." Since the 1700s, when his name first appeared in print, Daniel Boone has been synonymous with America's westward expansion and life on the frontier. Traces is a retelling of Boone's saga through the eyes of his wife, Rebecca, and her two oldest daughters, Susannah and Jemima. Daniel became a mythic figure during his lifetime, but his fame fueled backwoods gossip that bedeviled the Boone women throughout their lives-most notably the widespread suspicion that one of Rebecca's children was fathered by Daniel's younger brother....

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