• Flying kites

    Flying kites

    Moller, L.H.

    Identifier: spl_art_M736Fl

    Date: 1934

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  • Pencil sketches of CCC camps: K.P. duty - peeling spuds.

    Pencil sketches of CCC camps: K.P. duty - peeling spuds.

    Norling, Ernest R. (Ernest Ralph), b.1892

    Identifier: spl_art_N779Pe10

    Date: 1934

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  • Invoking the wind for Captain Galiano

    Invoking the wind for Captain Galiano

    McAllister, Parker S. (1903-1970)

    Parker McAllister, born in 1903 in Massachusetts, was a Seattle Times artist from 1924 to 1965. McAllister started his career as an illustrator at 14 for a Spokane publication; he joined the art staff at the Seattle Times in 1920. His first Sunday magazine cover was a poster-type illustration celebrating the University of Washington crew races in spring 1924. During McAllister's career, he created illustrations depicting “local color” events and situations now routinely handled by photographers. As the technology improved, he expanded his repertoire - he illustrated articles, drew covers for special sections and the weekly Seattle Sunday Times Magazine, and drew diagrams, comics, cartoons, and portraits for the Times’ editorial page. In 1956, an exhibition of his watercolor and oil paintings of Pacific Northwest scenes and historical incidents - including some paintings from the “Discovery of the Pacific Northwest” series - were exhibited at the Washington State Historical Society Museum in Tacoma. He was also a member of the Puget Sound Group of Men Painters. McAllister retired from the Seattle Times in 1965; he passed away in Arizona in 1970.

    Identifier: spl_art_291985_17.162

    Date: 1956

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  • Illustrations for lecture, Feb 26 1948 (5 of 7)

    Illustrations for lecture, Feb 26 1948 (5 of 7)

    Tobey, Mark

    Mark Tobey was born in Centerville, WI in 1890. Beginning his career as an illustrator, Mark Tobey was a deeply religious man, converting to the universalist Baha'i faith in 1918, which would in some way influence all of his works. After extensive traveling, including a period of time at a Zen monastery in Japan, Tobey taught art and philosophy at Dartington Hall in England until 1937. He then developed his "white writing" technique, painting white cursive writing on dark canvas, a technique which he (and many other Northwest artists) would use extensively until his death. He was one of the four painters LIFE magazine described as "Northwest Mystics". The others were Guy Anderson, Morris Graves and Kenneth Callahan. He died in 1976 in Basel, Switzerland.

    Identifier: spl_art_T552il5

    Date: 1948

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  • Winter dance time

    Winter dance time

    Juvonen, Helmi, 1903-1985

    Helmi Juvonen was born in Butte, Montana on January 17, 1903. She worked in many media including printmaking, painting and paper-craft. She attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where she met artist Mark Tobey with whom she was famously obsessed. Although she was diagnosed as a manic-depressive in 1930, she gained wide appreciation in the Northwest for her linocut prints depicting Northwest Indian people and tribal ceremonies. She worked with a number of artists on the Public Works of Art Project including Fay Chong and Morris Graves. Over the years, her mental health deteriorated and in 1960 she was declared a ward of the state and was committed to Oakhurst Convalescent Center. She was much beloved and had many friends and benefactors (including Wes Wehr) and was able to have exhibitions despite the confinement. She died in 1985.

    Identifier: spl_art_J989Wi

    Date: 1946

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  • Mountain hemlock

    Mountain hemlock

    Loggie, Helen A.

    Identifier: spl_art_L829Mo

    Date: 1929

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  • Untitled


    Lundell, Gary

    Gary Lundell was active in Seattle in the 1970's. He exhibited at least three times at Francine Seders Gallery. He was a painter of landscapes and skyscapes.

    Identifier: spl_art_L972Un

    Date: 1971?

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  • Seal hunting

    Seal hunting

    Omedhuan, Phillip

    Identifier: spl_art_Om2Se

    Date: 1960?

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  • Storm over Oahu, Hawaii

    Storm over Oahu, Hawaii

    Chase, W.Corwin

    Identifier: spl_art_C386St

    Date: 1934

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  • Pencil sketches of CCC camps: drying room; Lake Cushman, Wash.

    Pencil sketches of CCC camps: drying room; Lake Cushman, Wash.

    Norling, Ernest R. (Ernest Ralph), b.1892

    Identifier: spl_art_N779Pe02

    Date: 1934

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