• Silhouettes


    Chase, Waldo Everett

    Identifier: spl_art_C386Si

    Date: 1926

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  • [Cloth print]

    [Cloth print]

    Chong, Fay

    Fay Chong was born in Canton, China in 1912. He worked primarily in printmaking and in watercolor. He and his family moved to Seattle in 1920. He attended Edison High School where he was a classmate of George Tsutakawa. Chong worked on the Public Works of Art Project in the 1930's with Robert Bruce Inverarity, Jacob Elshin and Julius Twohy. Chong taught art at Cornish College for the Arts, Seattle Community College, Washington Senior High School and Ingraham High School. He received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Washington in 1968 and an MAT from the University of Washington in 1971. He died suddenly of a stroke in 1973.

    Identifier: spl_art_C455Cl

    Date: n.d.

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  • Timber


    Pearson, Charles T.

    Identifier: spl_art_P317Ti

    Date: 1934

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  • Totem pole

    Totem pole

    Ziegler, Eustace Paul, 1881-1969

    Born in 1881 in Detroit, Michigan, Eustace Ziegler was a painter of the Alaskan School who painted mainly landscapes, portraits and figure drawing of Northwest Indians. He was trained at Yale University. He taught private art lessons in Seattle in the 1920’s and 30’s and was highly influential to many Northwest artists. One of his pupils was Guy Anderson. Ziegler died in 1969.

    Identifier: spl_art_Z624To

    Date: 1934

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  • Houses from old Denny Hill

    Houses from old Denny Hill

    Engel, Vera

    Identifier: spl_art_En321Ho

    Date: 1934

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  • Rhythm in colors

    Rhythm in colors

    Washington, James W., 1911-2000

    James Winston Washington Jr. was born in Mississippi in 1909. He moved to the Pacific Northwest in the 1940's where he studied at the University of Washington Extension Program with painter Yvonne Twining Humber and printmaker Glen Alps. He also studied briefly with Mark Tobey. Washington exhibited in the Northwest Annual in 1948 and was curator for annual art shows at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Seattle, Washington. He was a frequent lecturer at universities and colleges and earned an honorary doctorate from the Center for Urban Black Studies, Berkeley, California in 1975. He died in 2000.

    Identifier: spl_art_W276Rh

    Date: 1950

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  • Ghost forest

    Ghost forest

    Lee, Robert Cranston

    Identifier: spl_art_L510Gh1

    Date: 1947

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  • Quimper on Vancouver Island

    Quimper on Vancouver Island

    McAllister, Parker S. (1903-1970)

    Parker McAllister, born in 1903 in Massachusetts, was a Seattle Times artist from 1924 to 1965. McAllister started his career as an illustrator at 14 for a Spokane publication; he joined the art staff at the Seattle Times in 1920. His first Sunday magazine cover was a poster-type illustration celebrating the University of Washington crew races in spring 1924. During McAllister's career, he created illustrations depicting “local color” events and situations now routinely handled by photographers. As the technology improved, he expanded his repertoire - he illustrated articles, drew covers for special sections and the weekly Seattle Sunday Times Magazine, and drew diagrams, comics, cartoons, and portraits for the Times’ editorial page. In 1956, an exhibition of his watercolor and oil paintings of Pacific Northwest scenes and historical incidents - including some paintings from the “Discovery of the Pacific Northwest” series - were exhibited at the Washington State Historical Society Museum in Tacoma. He was also a member of the Puget Sound Group of Men Painters. McAllister retired from the Seattle Times in 1965; he passed away in Arizona in 1970.

    Identifier: spl_art_291985_16.151

    Date: 1955

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  • Mourners for the Memaloose (grave figures at Cowichan Bay, B.C. Cedar, carved ca. 1900)

    Mourners for the Memaloose (grave figures at Cowichan Bay, B.C. Cedar, carved ca. 1900)

    Doughty, Nan

    Identifier: spl_art_D745Mo

    Date: 1945?

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  • Corner in bindery

    Corner in bindery

    Morris, Stuart

    Stuart Morris was born in West Virginia in 1882 (?) and studied art in Columbus, Ohio and Philadelphia. He came to Seattle and became art editor for the Seattle P.I. where he was on the staff for nearly 20 years. When he retired in 1928, he was working on the editorial staff of the Times. He is famous for two sketches. One was of the ex-president Theodore Roosevelt which appeared in the paper the day after the president's death in 1919. The other famous sketch was of an old Catholic church on Denny Hill. Both images were requested by people from all over the country for many years.

    Identifier: spl_art_M831Co

    Date: 1918?

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