• How Seattle Changed Its Face, 1975

    How Seattle Changed Its Face, 1975

    A brief summary of the history of regrading projects in Seattle, written by the City Engineering Department.

    Identifier: spl_saw_2085906

    Date: 1975

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  • Seward Park, the pride of Rainier Valley, 1915

    Seward Park, the pride of Rainier Valley, 1915

    "The queen of Rainier Valley parks, the largest and finest park in the city, and one of the finest in the world is Seward park, consisting of a heavily wooded peninsula jutting into Lake Washington from land contiguous to Columbia and Hillman. It is almost surrounded by water. So far, the park is in its wild state except for a picnic ground and many charming foot paths cut out by the City Park department. The plans which the Park Department have for its ultimate improvement will not mar its pristine glory, but will rather be designed to emphasize and enhance the beauty of the natural features. Its extent is so great that no charm of hill or vale, water or sky, wood or meadow is missing. It even has a beautiful little lake nestling in its bosom. The photograph shows a portion of the picnic ground at the entrance of the park, the slightly sloping beach and excellent opportunities for bathing and boating."

    Identifier: spl_saw_557542_p23

    Date: 1915

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