• Life at 8 Mph

    Life at 8 Mph

    Anderson, Peter Bowling

    When Peter Bowling Anderson began working for Richard Herrin, a man with cerebral palsy, Peter didn't want the job. But the role as Richard's assistant became a life-changing experience that opened Peter's eyes to what life is really about, what joy actually looks like, and how courage is truly defined. (NoveList)

    Format: Book

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  • Ladysitting


    Cary, Lorene

    Shares the story of the author's relationship with her remarkable grandmother, describing the latter's youth in the Jim Crow South, devotion to black causes, and management of her own business until age one hundred. (NoveList)

    Format: Book

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  • Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

    Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

    Chast, Roz

    Celebrates the final years of the author's aging parents' lives through cartoons, family photos, and documents that reflect the author's struggles with caregiver challenges. (NoveList)

    Format: Graphic Novel

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  • Chicken Soup for the Soul

    Chicken Soup for the Soul

    This collection of 101 stories of love and sacrifice provides emotional and practical resources to sustain the family caregiver. (Publisher description)

    Format: Book

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  • The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving

    The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving

    Evison, Jonathan

    After losing virtually everything meaningful in his life, Benjamin trains to be a caregiver, but his first client, a fiercely independent teen with muscular dystrophy, gives him more than he bargained for and soon the two embark on a road trip to visit the boy's ailing father. (NoveList)

    Format: Book

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  • Every Note Played

    Every Note Played

    Genova, Lisa

    A once-celebrated concert pianist who is gradually succumbing to ALS is forced to accept help from the estranged wife he pushed away, a situation that forces the couple to reconcile their past before time runs out. (NoveList)

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  • The Wide Circumference of Love

    The Wide Circumference of Love

    Golden, Marita

    A respected family court judge who has spent her life making tough calls, Diane Tate must make the toughest one yet in her own life when her 68-year-old husband is diagnosed with early onset dementia and, along with her children, must reexamine her connection to the man he once was—and learn to love the man he has become. (NoveList)

    Format: Book

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  • Final Payments

    Final Payments

    Gordon, Mary

    After eleven isolated years caring for her invalid father, a professor who suffered a stroke upon discovering her in bed with a student, Isabel Moore tries to reenter the world with the help of two very different friends. (NoveList)

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  • Hide


    Griffin, Matthew

    A breathtaking, heart-bruising debut, the story of a hidden life, and the very recent history of gay love in America. (NoveList)

    Format: Book

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  • A Bittersweet Season

    A Bittersweet Season

    Gross, Jane

    In telling the story of her own struggle to learn how to care for her aging and ailing mother, a journalist offers helpful insights and advice to other caregivers who feel overwhelmed. (NoveList)

    Format: Book

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