• A Journal for Jordan

    A Journal for Jordan

    Canedy, Dana

    A Journal for Jordan is a mother's letter to her son - fierce in its honesty - about the father he lost before he could even speak. It is also a father's advice and prayers for the son he will never know.

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  • Journal Ideas for Daily Writing and Creativity

    Journal Ideas for Daily Writing and Creativity

    Journal writing provides a space where thoughts, ideas, stories, and poems can be recorded. We can turn to our journals when we’re inspired, and then we can turn to them again when we need inspiration.

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  • The Journal Keeper

    The Journal Keeper

    Theroux, Phyllis

    Theroux began to keep a journal when she was in distress. It saved her life by helping her to see circumstances more clearly.

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  • Leaving A Trace

    Leaving A Trace

    Johnson, Alexandra

    A practical guide to keeping a diary and transforming it into future projects.

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  • Lifelines


    Baldwin, Christina

    With Baldwin's intimate, personal examples and plenty of practical exercises, listeners will discover how writing is a lifeline that makes sense of chaotic events, guides them through life's transitions, and empowers them to achieve their goals.

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  • Note to Self

    Note to Self

    O'Shea, Samara

    Keeping a journal is easy. Keeping a life-altering, soul-enlightening journal, however, is not. At its best, journaling can be among the most transformative of experiences, but you can only get there by learning how to express yourself fully and openly.

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  • 1,000 Artist Journal Pages

    1,000 Artist Journal Pages

    Sokol, Dawn DeVries

    Journaling has seeped into popular culture in a big way and this collection provides a wide array of ideas, techniques and themes to inspire and inform mixed media and journaling enthusiasts.

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  • The Overeater's Journal

    The Overeater's Journal

    Danowski, Debbie

    A guided journal to help overeaters get to the heart and soul of their eating patterns.

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  • The Painted Art Journal

    The Painted Art Journal

    Oliver, Jeanne

    Tell your story as only you can, through a series of guided projects that culminate in a beautiful, autobiographical art journal worthy of passing along to future generations.

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  • A Prayer Journal

    A Prayer Journal

    O'Connor, Flannery

    Written between 1946 and 1947 while O'Connor was a student far from home at the University of Iowa, A Prayer Journal is a rare portal into the interior life of the great writer. Not only does it map O'Connor's singular relationship with the divine, but it shows how entwined her literary desire was with her yearning for God.

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