Teen Book Bingo

Even though the 2018 contest is over, you can still download a bingo card and play just for fun. Click on the bingo squares for suggestions.

Read a childhood favorite Book You Judged by its Cover Go to Library Card Application Mythology Short Story Go to Your Next 5 Books Go to Fresh Start Non-Human Character Read it Outside From a Series Find Summer of Learning programs Author of Color Find a location Turned into a Movie Go to our catalog Set Outside the US Comic or Graphic Novel Non-Fiction Go to Teen Reads Poem Read it in One Day LGBTQIA Go to Good Reads Cover is Your Favorite Color Funny

How does Teen Book Bingo work?

First, print your Bingo Card or pick one up at your local Library. Then fill in each square with the title of the book you read and/or the activity you completed over the summer—each book title can only be used once. Bring your bingo card into your local library for a prize once you complete a row, diagonal, or column. Complete one line to enter the grand prize drawing. Blackouts automatically receive a second chance to win!

Click on the bingo squares above for suggestions. Or go to your local Library. Your librarian can suggest a few books for you to check out!

Your printed bingo card can also be used as a free family pass to the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture on the University of Washington campus! Bring your Bingo Card to the Burke Museum for free admission for up to two adults and four children between July 1 and October 31, 2018.