barry johnson

Barry Johnson

barry johnson created the artwork for the 2019 Teens Summer of Learning Program

barry johnson is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist, author and TEDx speaker. barry's work is a reflection of events happening around the world and in his daily life. He's known for constantly changing the medium and nature of his pieces and his work focuses on three areas, community, culture and connection. barry's works made of house paint and his installations have been shown around the world, he's held residencies throughout the NW, Mexico and Argentina, he wrote and illustrated the book "Oh What Wonderful Hair" and he's received multiple grants and awards including the Edwin T. Pratt Award and the 2018 GAP Award.

Yessica Marquez

Yessica Marquez

Yessica Marquez created the artwork for the 2019 Kids Summer of Learning Program

Yessica Marquez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and raised in South Central L.A. Ms. Marquez has always had a passion for art. While growing up in Southern California, she became attracted to expressing not only her personal interests but a lot of her Mexican heritage through paintings and illustrations. Her art shares a piece of herself that speaks authenticity and fulfills a sense of enchantment. Yessica enjoys connecting with community and local artists to create spaces to motivate youth to share their passions in art. Yessica Marquez lives in Everett, WA where she dedicates her life to raising her daughter and perfecting her craft.

Susanna Ryan

Susanna Ryan vector self-portrait

Susanna Ryan created the illustrations for the 2019 Kids Summer of Learning Spot the Differences! Activity

Susanna Ryan is a proud library employee and a self-taught cartoonist and illustrator. In her free time she enjoys going on walks, listening to music, and admiring her large collection of plastic bread tags.