Yegizaw Yeggy Michael

Yegizaw “Yeggy” Michael

Yeggy Michael created the artwork for the Teens Summer of Learning Program

Yeggy is a Seattle visual artist who creates public art murals and mosaics that adorn parks, banks, residences, restaurants, and museums and whose work has been widely collected and exhibited throughout Africa, Europe and the United States of America.

Yeggy’s vision is to provoke questions about natural cycles, provide a sense of place and to reflect on the movement of time. His paintings are personal and positive contacts for vibrant thoughts and spiritual moments. Yeggy’s inspiration comes from what has stayed close to his heart.

Susanna Ryan

Susanna Ryan vector self-portrait

Susanna Ryan created the illustrations for the Adult Book Bingo cards

Susanna Ryan, aka Seattle Walk Report,  is a proud library employee and a self-taught cartoonist and illustrator. In her free time she enjoys going on walks, listening to music, and admiring her large collection of plastic bread tags.

Kimisha Turner

Kimisha Turner

Kimisha Turner created the artwork for the Kids Summer of Learning Program

Seattle based artist Kimisha Turner creates multifaceted work exploring empowerment and process while blurring the lines between abstraction, surrealism and symbolism. Her work evokes mystery while remaining grounded in current societal revelations, aiming to challenge and spark new thought-provoking perspectives.

The Seattle Art Museum, Northwest African American Museum, Seattle Theater Group and The Seattle Public Library are just a few of the organizations to partner with Kimisha to show her work and host community art and empowerment events.  While she isn't creating work for personal shows or commissions, you can find her creating with her beautiful 7 year old son.