Superhero Summer!

Superhero Summer

What’s your super power? Is it being a good friend? A love of learning? Problem solving? Being a good listener? Having empathy? Being a good citizen? This year’s Summer of Learning encourages youth to explore kindness, empathy, and making the world a better place for everyone!

Pick up a Superhero Summer action guide at any Library location! You can pick up a reading tracker and summer activity game board. Looking for something to read? Check out our Superhero reading lists!

Meet Civ!


Civ is committed to helping people. They love their community, know their neighbors by name and share their positive outlook with everyone. You can find them organizing a neighborhood clean-up party or setting up a lemonade stand on their street.

This is Em!


Em practices self-care and models compassion by being an active listener. They know the importance of kindness and gratitude. You might see them listening to a friend, helping a neighbor or playing games with younger kids – this is how they show they care. 

Greetings Lea!


Lea loves to learn and share new things. They understand that learning and knowledge comes from looking at things from all angles, and they enjoy seeking out different viewpoints. You might find them at the Library with a stack of books or asking their friends interesting questions or sharing what they have discovered.

Hello Sol!


Sol loves art of all kinds – painting, music, dance, writing, acting – to express emotions and solve problems. Being able to turn a challenge into an opportunity makes them feel alive. Their creative mindset allows them to see situations from different perspectives. They are a great team player with their artistic talent and ability to work with others.

Save the date! Visit the Burke Museum

Burke Museum logo

All Summer of Learning participants and their families are invited to join us for a FREE end-of-the summer celebration at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture on the University of Washington campus! Walk, ride your bike, take the light rail or drive (parking is free!) on Sunday, August 28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and join us for a fun day of activities at the Burke!

Adult Book Bingo

Book Bingo

Every summer we partner with Seattle Arts & Lectures (SAL) to create a Summer Book Bingo card for adults. Download a bingo card, play and enter to win fabulous prizes!

About the Artists

About the Artists

The Library and six local artists – Brandon “BT” Thomas, Gabby Park, Jorge Villavicencio, Sharon Tu, Sloane Miller, and Cyrus Brown – collaborated on artwork for the Summer of Learning.

Summer of Learning Past Years

Summer of Learning Past Years

We have offered summer reading and learning programs for Seattle youth since 1919.

Our 2021 Summer of Learning theme was What's YOUR Story!

2021 Summer of Learning

Our 2020 Summer of Learning theme was Every Day is Earth Day!

2020 Summer of Learning

Our 2019 Summer of Learning theme was Explore Your World!

2019 Summer of Learning

Our 2018 Summer of Learning theme was Make a Splash! Adventures with Water.

2018 Summer of Learning