• Viper's Dream

    Viper's Dream

    Lamar, Jake

    "Harlem, 1936. Clyde "The Viper" Morton boards a train from Alabama to Harlem to chase his dreams of being a jazz musician. When his talent fails him, he becomes caught up in the dangerous underbelly of Harlem's drug trade. In this heartbreaking novel, one man must decide what he is willing to give up and what he wants to fight for. Viper's Dream is a fast-paced story that is charged with suspense. A snappy, provocative voice and a stark look at Viper's Black American experience weave with endless plot twists to offer readers a stunningly original, achingly beautiful read"-- Provided...

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  • Deep Roots

    Deep Roots

    Woo, Sung J.

    After solving her first case, Siobhan O'Brien faces her biggest challenge yet - Thanksgiving! With her lawyer boyfriend Craig in tow, Siobhan travels to Minneapolis to endure small talk with the extended O'Brien clan and chow down on some seriously delicious turkey and dressing. Everything's swell until her sister-in-law Gwen tells her about her brother Sven's frequent late-night meetings with his co-workers. Since Siobhan's next case is just a ferry ride from their house in Washington state, she asks for Siobhan's help.-- Amazon.com.

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  • North Woods

    North Woods

    Mason, Daniel

    "When a pair of young lovers abscond from a Puritan colony, little do they know that their humble cabin in the woods will become the home of an extraordinary succession of human and nonhuman characters alike. An English soldier, destined for glory, abandons the battlefields of the New World to devote himself to apples. A pair of spinster twins navigate war and famine, envy and desire. A crime reporter unearths a mass grave--only to discover that the ancient trees refuse to give up their secrets. A lovelorn painter, a sinister conman, a stalking panther, a lusty beetle: As each inhabitant...

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  • Never Whistle at Night

    Never Whistle at Night

    "A bold, clever, and sublimely sinister collection of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and gritty crime by both new and established Indigenous authors that dares to ask the question: "Are you ready to be un-settled?" Many Indigenous people believe that one should never whistle at night. This belief ranges far and wide and takes many forms; for instance, Native Hawaiians believe it summons the Hukai'po, the spirits of ancient warriors, and Native Mexicans say it calls a Lechuza, a witch that can transform into an owl and snatch the foolish whistlers in the dark. But what all these legends hold in...

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  • Good Women

    Good Women

    Hill, Halle

    "In twelve stories, Good Women follows the lives of Black women through Appalachia and the Deep South, examining what forces shape their realities and what force they carry with them. A darkly funny and deeply human collection, Hill observes how place, blood-ties, generational trauma, desperation, obsessions, and boundaries (or lack thereof) all influence how people navigate their worlds-in the most intimate and most coincidental of relationships. A woman on the Greyhound bus barreling toward a Florida retirement community prepares to lie to her online boyfriend's mother; a teenager joins Weight Watchers at church as her father's illness overwhelms their home;...

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  • A December to Remember

    A December to Remember

    Bayliss, Jenny

    "Wildly different half-sisters Maggie, Simone, and Star have hardly seen each other since their sprightly summers at Rowan Thorp, their eccentric father Augustus's home. Known for the fruitful ways in which his bustling knick-knack shop kept the tired town afloat, Augustus was loved by all and known by none, not even his daughters. Now, years later, the three estranged women are unexpectedly reunited at the reading of Augustus's will. Maggie, Simone, and Star are shocked to find out that Augustus has engineered a series of hoops through which the three women must jump to unlock their inheritance--the last thing any...

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  • Saving Emma

    Saving Emma

    Eskens, Allen

    "When Boady Sanden first receives the case of Elijah Matthews, he's certain there's not much he can do. Elijah, who believes himself to be a prophet, has been locked up in a psychiatric hospital for the past four years, convicted of brutally murdering the pastor of a megachurch. But as a law professor working for the Innocence Project, Boady agrees to look into Elijah's file. When he does, he is alarmed to find threads that lead back to the death of his colleague and friend, Ben Pruitt, a man shot to death four years earlier in Boady's own home. Ben's...

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  • Dig Two Graves

    Dig Two Graves

    Spillane, Mickey

    "Winter 1964. After a hit-and-run accident nearly kills her mother, Mike Hammer's partner (both in life and the PI business), Velda Sterling, learns her father is not who she thought he was. Seeking to uncover her true, troubling heritage, Velda and Mike travel to Phoenix, Arizona--and sunny Dreamland Park, where retired law enforcement officers protect and corral notorious criminals held under Witness Protection. Mike and Velda find themselves swept up in escalating violence, fueled by the missing millions from an armored-car robbery, which leads them to a deadly midnight confrontation in a cemetery--where secrets are buried and open graves await."...

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  • Garden Spells

    Garden Spells

    Allen, Sarah Addison

    Sisters Claire and Sydney are the last of their curious family, a family that have always had peculiar gifts that make them outsiders in their small North Carolina town. When Sydney leaves, then later returns home with a young daughter the sisters must deal with their common legacy and each other.

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  • The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak and Magic

    The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak and Magic

    Randall, Breanne

    For fans of Practical Magic and Gilmore Girls, The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak and Magic is a debut novel that explores the shields we build around our hearts to retain our own magic. Sadie Revelare has always believed that the curse of four heartbreaks that accompanies her magic would be worth the price. But when her grandmother is diagnosed with cancer with only weeks to live, and her first heartbreak, Jake McNealy, returns to town after a decade, her carefully structured life begins to unravel. With the news of their grandmother's impending death, Sadie's estranged twin brother Seth returns...

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