• Galaxy


    Axelrod, Jadzia

    Taylor Barzelay has the perfect life. Good looks, good grades, a starting position on the basketball team, a loving family, even an adorable corgi. Every day in Taylor's life is perfect. And every day is torture. Taylor is actually the Galaxy Crowned, an alien princess from the planet Cyandii, and one of the few survivors of an intergalactic war. For six long, painful years, Taylor has accepted her duty to remain in hiding as a boy on Earth. That all changes when Taylor meets Metropolis girl Katherine "call me Kat" Silverberg, whose confidence is electrifying. Suddenly, Taylor no longer wants...


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  • Beastars


    Itagaki, Paru

    "Labrador Jack delves into the history of the evolution of herbivores and carnivores, the bioengineering that created domesticated dogs like him, and the war that led to the society he and his friends live in today. Then, as the black market descends into chaos, red deer Louis encounters old comrades from his miserable childhood and Legoshi begs one to train him in combat. Plus, Bengal tiger Bill gets a big surprise when he cracks open an egg!".


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  • Dr. Stone

    Dr. Stone

    Inagaki, Riichiro

    "The race across South America is on as the team dives into the Amazon rain forest, hoping to reach the source of petrification. When they arrive, Senku and friends discover a scene that's so full of malice it's sickening! Deeper into the Amazon--at the so-called Stone Sanctuary--the final battle against Stanley draws near!"--Back cover.


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  • Haganai


    Hirasaka, Yomi

    "The final days of high school have arrived for Kodaka, Yozora, and Sena. But even though the days might be ticking slowly down to the end of school, the antics of the Neighbors Club crew are as boisterous, meandering, fun, and slightly heartbreaking as ever."--Page [4] of cover.


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  • Frieren : Beyond Journey's End

    Frieren : Beyond Journey's End

    Yamada, Kanehito

    "The village priest Sein has no intention of becoming an adventurer, but his desire to find a long-lost friend may lead him to join Frieren's party on their journey north. They are headed for the magical city of Auberst, where Frieren can obtain the first-class mage certification needed to enter the Northern Plateau region. At Frieren's urging, Fern decides to take the certification exam as well, and faces some unexpected competition..."--Page [4] of cover.


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