• Highland Thief

    Highland Thief

    McLayne, Alyson

    When a Highland laird decides to marry, nothing can stand in his way...not even the bride. No one ever accused Kerr MacAlister of being a nice man. Everyone would agree, however, that when the laird makes a promise, nothing can stop him. Which is why everyone knows Isobel MacKinnon will end up his wife. Isobel spent most of her childhood in love with the tall, dark, and sexy Scot. It wasn't until she was fifteen and failed to entice Kerr into kissing her that things turned sour. Now, Kerr is the one trying to entice her, but Isobel won't be...

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  • Sweet as Pie

    Sweet as Pie

    Pace, Alicia Hunter

    ''Evans Pemberton has always had a problem saying no. To her overbearing Mississippi Delta family, to her business mentor's push to expand her thriving pie shop and to her lifelong crush, Jake Champagne. But Jake chose her beauty queen cousin three years ago and ghosted on their close friendship. When he comes to her small town in Alabama with a new pro hockey franchise, Evie fears she'll lose her heart all over again. Of course, she'll forgive him like the good Southern woman she is, but anything more than that is off the table. So why can't she stop baking...

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  • Whiplash


    Dailey, Janet

    When Val Champion returns to the family ranch, she's ready to put her past behind her. Her dreams of a Hollywood acting career have become a nightmare of fear. But once she sees rodeo man Casey Bozeman facing down a bull in the arena, she knows she's no safer at home. Face to face with her first and only true love, Val can't deny her still powerful feelings for Casey. Val's the one who got away, the woman who broke his heart so hard he still feels the sting. There's no way Casey can stand by when the high stakes...

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  • Rogue Wolf

    Rogue Wolf

    Tyler, Paige

    There's a wicked attraction between Special Wolf Alpha Team (SWAT) werewolf Trey Duncan and medical examiner Samantha Mills, but Trey's never worked up the nerve to ask her out until now. But the trouble with wolves is that they're never far from danger, and this time Trey is going up against a monster the likes of which his Dallas SWAT team has never seen... It's going to take everything Trey and Samantha have to crack the case and protect each other.

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  • Along Came A Lady

    Along Came A Lady

    Caldwell, Christi

    "The brooding, illegitimate son of a duke meets his match in the determined woman hired to transform him into a gentleman"--

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  • First Love, Take Two

    First Love, Take Two

    Patel, Sajni

    "On the verge of realizing her dream of being a doctor, Preeti Patel should be ecstatic. But between the stress of her residency, trying to find a job, and managing her traditional, no-boundaries family, Preeti's anxiety is through the roof...Preeti's finally found a new place to stay . . . only to discover that her new roommate is her ex...Can Preeti and Daniel find a way to stand up and fight for each other one last time . . . before they lose their second chance?"--

    Format: Book

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  • The Christmas Wedding Guest

    The Christmas Wedding Guest

    Mallery, Susan

    Guilted into being bridesmaids at their parents' vow renewal ceremony, sisters Reggie and Dena Sommerville, each working through tough personal issues, find love in the most unexpected of places-their hometown.

    Format: Book

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  • Catch Us When We Fall

    Catch Us When We Fall

    Fay, Juliette

    "On her own since the age of eighteen, Cass Macklin dated brilliant, troubled Ben McGreavy..They partied their way through their twenties...Now Ben is dead, and Cass is broke, homeless, scared, and pregnant. Determined to have a healthy pregnancy and raise Ben's baby...Cass turns to the only person with the means to help her: Ben's brother Scott, third basemen for the Boston Red Sox, a man with a temper and problems of his own"--

    Format: Book

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  • When Sparks Fly

    When Sparks Fly

    Hunting, Helena

    "Avery Spark is living her best life. Between her friends, her sisters, and Spark House, the event hotel her family owns, she doesn't have much time for anything else, especially relationships. She'd rather hang out with her best friend and roommate, Declan McCormick, than deal with the dating scene. But everything changes when she is in a car accident and needs someone to care for her as she heals"--

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  • Kissing the Wind

    Kissing the Wind

    Hotchner, A. E.

    "From the author of the international bestseller Papa Hemingway, based on his own experiences: the story of a man struggling to overcome a rare syndrome that causes terrifying hallucinations, who eventually, despite the odds, finds love. AN ANCHOR ORIGINAL. Chet Tremaine is living his best life. A successful lawyer with a loyal best friend, the arts and culture of New York City at his doorstep, and a peaceful retreat in Connecticut, Chet has it figured out. Even when a freak tennis accident leaves him blind in one eye, Chet is confident he'll be able to bounce back. But then he...

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