• The Christmas Spirit

    The Christmas Spirit

    Macomber, Debbie

    "Two lifelong friends, a bartender and a pastor, decide to trade places the week before Christmas and end up finding love along the way in this delightful novel from the queen of holiday stories, #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber. Peter Armstrong and Hank Colfax are best friends, but their lives couldn't be more different. Peter is a local pastor who is dedicated to his community. He spends his time visiting the flock, attending meetings, and with the holiday season approaching, preparing for the Christmas service and live nativity. As a bartender, Hank serves a much different customer...

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  • Partners in Crime

    Partners in Crime

    Rai, Alisha

    While settling her aunt's affairs with the help of Naveen Desai, a lawyer--and the man she rejected--Mira and Naveen find themselves in a mad dash through Las Vegas, following clues to untangle the mess her family left behind, which puts both their lives in danger.

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  • Built to Last

    Built to Last

    Hahn, Erin

    "Shelby Springfield has spent the last ten years trying to overcome her past, sanding it away like she does the rough spots on the vintage furniture finds she makes over. But as a former child star, it's hard to forget a mediocre pop career, a meltdown widely documented by the paparazzi, and a huge public break with her former co-star Lyle Jessup. It's also hard to forget her other co-star and childhood sweetheart, Cameron Riggs -- the one who got away. Anytime Shelby has called, Cameron has come running... And then he runs right off again to chase stories around...

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  • The Christmas Hummingbird

    The Christmas Hummingbird

    Bunn, T. Davis

    As policewoman and single mother Ryan Eames and newcomer Ethan Lange work on an animal rescue operation together, they are drawn into something deeper and surprising by her extraordinarily gifted son that makes Christmas in Miramar Bay a season of love, healing, and second chances.

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  • The Story of Love

    The Story of Love

    Wiseman, Beth

    Yvonne Wilson is eager to leave her Texas home behind for a dream job as a book store manager in Montgomery, Indiana. Abraham Byler is no lover part of the Amish community, but still a resident of Montgomery. Now on the police force, Abraham must reckon with his pacifist upbringing when his job turns violent. He must also deal with his relationship with the wealthy and aggressive Brianna when his old crush, Yvonne, is back in town.

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  • Tell Me Lies

    Tell Me Lies

    Lovering, Carola

    When Lucy Albright arrives at her small California college, she immediately embraces all that college life has to offer--new friends, wild parties, stimulating classes. And then she meets Stephen DeMarco. Lucy knows there's something about Stephen that isn't to be trusted. Stephen knows Lucy can't tear herself away. And their addicting entanglements will have consequences they never could have imagined.

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  • A Very Merry Bromance

    A Very Merry Bromance

    Adams, Lyssa Kay

    "Country music's golden boy Colton Wheeler felt the most perfect harmony when he was with Gretchen Winthrop. But for her, it was a love him and leave him situation. A year later, Colton is struggling to push his music forward in a new direction. If it weren't about to be the most magical time of year and the support of the Bromance Book Club, he'd be wallowing in self-pity. It's hard for immigration attorney Gretchen not to feel a little Scrooge-ish about the excess of Christmas when her clients are scrambling to afford their rent. So when her estranged, wealthy...

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  • Wishing on A Christmas Cowboy

    Wishing on A Christmas Cowboy

    Richardson, Sara (Romance fiction writer)

    "Pediatric nurse Kyra Fowler is finally going to realize her dream. She's got a job lined up at the most prestigious children's hospital in London. There's only one little snag--first she has to sell the Wyoming town she's just inherited from her estranged father. After a little fixing up, the place should easily attract a buyer. Hopefully she'll be celebrating the sale by New Year's. Ex-Navy SEAL Aiden Steele couldn't save his brother-in-law on the battlefield, but he can save his sister's ranch and give his nieces the life they deserve in the town they love. He's not about to...

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  • Paris Daillencourt Is About to Crumble

    Paris Daillencourt Is About to Crumble

    Hall, Alexis J.

    "To stop his relationship from going sourdough, the least-popular contestant on Britain's favourite baking show must work through his anxiety and fears in order to find happiness. Paris Daillencourt is a recipe for disaster: though he's passionate about his academic career, his severe self-doubt has trapped him in a cycle of indecision-until his roommate enters him in Bake Expectations in hopes of pushing him out of his comfort zone. Paris initially finds success, winning the first week's bake and falling into flirtation with kind, confident Tariq Hassan. But with each week of the competition, Paris is crumbling. Despite the attraction,...

    Format: Book

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  • Marlowe Banks, Redesigned

    Marlowe Banks, Redesigned

    Firkins, Jacqueline

    "Marlowe Banks's life has come apart at the seams. Her engagement ended abruptly. Her latest costume design was shredded by critics. Her student loans are overdue. Her parents have never been more disappointed. Desperate to hide from her failures, Marlowe flees New York City to embrace invisibility in Los Angeles as a menial Production Assistant on a popular TV show. While sorting socks and taking care of her boss' spoiled Weimaraner, no one can confront her poor artistic choices or the end of her engagement, the end her ex refuses to accept. When a costume mix-up requires Marlowe to step...

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