• Malamander


    Taylor, Thomas

    Eerie-on-the-Sea, home to a fabled sea-monster, has always been a strange and unsettling place. Violet Parma’s parents mysteriously disappeared 12 years ago, and now Violet along with Herbert Lemon – Lost and Founder of the Grand Nautilus Hotel – have set out to find them! Join them on their quest to find the truth and the Malamander!

    Format: Book

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  • The Mighty Zodiac

    The Mighty Zodiac

    Torres, J.

    Format: Graphic Novel

    Availability: Available

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  • Mia Mayhem Is A Superhero!

    Mia Mayhem Is A Superhero!

    West, Kara

    Mia Macarooney thinks she’s just a regular 8-year-old kid, but when she discovers she’s actually a superhero, her entire world changes. Join Mia in this series starter where she discovers what it means to be super!

    Format: Book

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  • The Dragon Warrior

    The Dragon Warrior

    Zhao, Katie

    Chinese mythology lays the foundation for this action-packed fantasy adventure featuring Faryn Liu who dreams of becoming a warrior. When she randomly helps defeats a demon, she discovers she may be more powerful than she knows.

    Format: Book

    Availability: Available

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