• Thirst for Salt

    Thirst for Salt

    Lucas, Madelaine

    "It's in the water where she first sees him: a local man almost twenty years her senior. Adrift in the summer after finishing college, a young woman is on holiday with her mother in an isolated Australian coastal town. Finding herself pulled to Jude, theman in the water, she begins losing herself in the simple, seductive rhythms of his everyday life. As their relationship deepens, life at Sailors Beach offers her the stability she has been craving as the daughter of two drifters-a loving but impulsive mother and an itinerant father. But when she witnesses something she doesn't fully understand,...

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  • Arca


    Macallister, G. R.

    "Return to the Five Queendoms in the sequel to Scorpica, a sweeping epic fantasy that Rebecca Roanhorse called "ambitious and engaging," in which a centuries-long peace is shattered in a matriarchal society when a decade passes without a single girl beingborn. The Drought of Girls has ended, but the rift it broke open between the Queendoms is not so easily healed. Political tensions roil the senate of Paxim, where Queen Heliane vows to make her son Paulus the nation's first ruling King or die trying. Scorpican troops amass on the border of Arca, ready to attack. And within Arca itself,...

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  • Fulgentius


    Aira, Caesar

    "In Caesar Aira's new novel, Fulgentius, a sixty-seven-year-old imperial Roman general-"Rome's most illustrious and experienced"-is sent to pacify the remote province of Pannonia. He is a thoughtful, introspective person, a saturnine intellectual who greatly enjoys being on the march away from his loving family, and the sometimes deadly intrigues of Rome. Fulgentius is also a playwright (though of exactly one play) and in every city he pacifies, he stages a grand production of his farcical tragedy (written at the tender age of twelve) about a man who becomes a famous general only to be murdered "at the hands of shadowy...

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  • One Extra Corpse

    One Extra Corpse

    Hambly, Barbara

    "May, 1924. It's been seven months since young British widow Emma Blackstone arrived in Hollywood to serve as companion to Kitty Flint: her beautiful, silent-movie star sister-in-law. Kitty is generous, kind-hearted . . . and a truly terrible actress. Notthat Emma minds; she's too busy making her academic parents turn in their graves with her new job writing painfully historically inaccurate scenarios for Foremost Studios, in between wrangling their leading lady out of the arms of her army of amorous suitors. So when one of Kitty's old flames, renowned film director Ernst Zapolya, calls Emma and tells her it's imperative...

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  • Speak for the Dead

    Speak for the Dead

    Tector, Amy

    "It's a steamy summer Ottawa day when Cate is called out to the nitrate facility to investigate an apparent suicide. The eerie building is filled with deteriorating nitrate film that could literally spontaneously combust. When Cate's life is threatened bya stray spark, she suspects that the suicide might be murder. Despite pressure from the police to pronounce on cause quickly, Cate is bloody-minded enough to keep investigating. Whether she's looking for answers because of her dedication to justice, or as a distraction from the grief she feels over her brother's recent death, her inquiries plunge her into a world of...

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  • The Deadly Weed

    The Deadly Weed

    Harrison, Cora

    "1920s. Cork, Ireland. Early one morning the Reverend Mother receives news of a deadly fire at the local cigarette factory, a place where she'd been so proud that some of her pupils had been given a steady job. In a city full of poverty, unemployment andpolitical unrest, these ex pupils of hers had surely been blessed with such prospects. Now, though, she is worried . . . What happened at the cigarette factory and why are there rumours circulating that one of her 'girls' was responsible? Inspector Patrick Cashman is under pressure to quickly find the cause of the fire...

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  • The Dead Will Rise

    The Dead Will Rise

    Nickson, Chris

    "Leeds. April, 1824. Wealthy engineer Joseph Clark employs thief-taker Simon Westow to find the men who stole the buried corpse of Catherine Jordan, his employee's daughter. Simon is stunned and horrified to realize there's a gang of body snatchers in Leeds. He needs to discover who bought Catherine's body and where it is now. As he hunts for answers, he learns that a number of corpses have vanished from graveyards in the town. Can Simon and his assistant Jane bring the brutal, violent Resurrection men who are selling the dead to medical schools to justice and give some peace to...

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  • The Weight of Air

    The Weight of Air

    Duffy, Kimberly

    "In 1911, Europe's strongest woman, Mabel MacGinnis, loses everything she's ever known and sets off for America in hopes of finding the mother she's just discovered is still alive. When circus aerialist Isabella Moreau's daughter suddenly appears, she isforced to face the truth of where, and in what, she derives her worth"--

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  • The Promise of A Normal Life

    The Promise of A Normal Life

    Gibson, Rebecca Kaiser

    "The unnamed narrator is a fiercely observant, introverted Jewish-American girl who seems to exist in a private and separate realm. She's the child of a first-generation doctor and lawyer--whose own stories have the loud grandeur of family legend--in an America where Jews are excluded from the country club across the street. Her expectations for adulthood are often contradictory. In the changing landscape of the 1960s, she attempts to find her way through the rituals of life, her geography expanding across the country, across the ocean, and into multiple nations"--

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  • The Maid of Ballymacool

    The Maid of Ballymacool

    Deibel, Jennifer

    "The only home Brianna Kelly has ever known is Ballymacool Boarding School, but when the son of local gentry arrives at the school to deal with his unruly niece, an unexpected discovery uncovers the truth about her past--and the key to her future"--

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