• Rogue


    Kennedy, Elle

    "In the follow up to MISFIT, New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy takes us back to Sandover Prep where the bourgeoning relationship between Casey Tresscott and Fenn Bishop is the talk of the school. But as secrets from the past emerge, Casey decides she's tired of being taken advantage of and takes matters into her own hands. While Fenn thought keeping the truth from her was the right thing to do, he wasn't prepared for how he would feel when she goes rogue"--

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  • Misfit


    Kennedy, Elle

    "Finding out your mom is marrying some rich guy you've never met is enough to make any eighteen-year-old's head spin. And for RJ Shaw, it gets worse: he's being sent to Sandover Prep for senior year. If there's one place a misfit hacker like RJ doesn't belong, it's an ivy-covered all-boys boarding school for rich delinquents. There's no point trying to get along with anyone. That is, until he meets Sloane Tresscott in the woods on the outskirts of campus. Gorgeous and sharp-tongued, Sloane is pure temptation. Except Sloane is the one girl he's forbidden from touching. The headmaster's daughter....

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  • The Maid of Ballymacool

    The Maid of Ballymacool

    Deibel, Jennifer

    "The only home Brianna Kelly has ever known is Ballymacool Boarding School, but when the son of local gentry arrives at the school to deal with his unruly niece, an unexpected discovery uncovers the truth about her past--and the key to her future"--

    Format: Book

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  • Her Lessons in Persuasion

    Her Lessons in Persuasion

    Frampton, Megan

    "To Lady Wilhelmina Bettesford, the "game" of finding a husband is a competitive sport she wants no part of...until her much-younger step mama forces her to play it. So when her stepmother asks sexy barrister Bram Townsend to pretend to woo the amateur astronomer to boost Wilhelmina's popularity, it's up to Wilhelmina to navigate a fake courtship that will keep the family from forcing her into a marriage--any marriage--before she finally receives the inheritance that will allow her to live as she wants. The trouble is every time Bram takes her in his arms she has a most difficult time...

    Format: Book

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  • Sycamore Circle

    Sycamore Circle

    Gray, Shelley Shepard

    "There's a lot going on in Joy Howard's life. She's got an ex-husband who starts acting like he doesn't want to be an ex anymore, a sixteen-year-old daughter in need of a guiding hand and a lot of rides to dance practice, more orders for paintings than she has time to paint, and a roster of tutoring clients who sometimes need far more than she can give. What she doesn't have is time for a new relationship. Samuel "Bo" Beauman is a lot of things. He's a counselor for transitioning ex-cons, a good friend to many, a construction worker, a...

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  • A Guide to Being Just Friends

    A Guide to Being Just Friends

    Sullivan, Sophie

    "When Harry Met Sally meets 500 Days of Summer in A Guide to Being Just Friends, a playful and emotional romantic comedy from the author of Ten Rules for Faking It. "Sophie Sullivan's writing feels like a warm hug." -Rachel Lynn Solomon, bestselling author of The Ex Talk. Hailey Sharp has a one-track mind. Get By the Cup salad shop off the ground. Do literally everything possible to make it a success. Repeat. With a head full of entrepreneurial ideas and a bad ex in her rearview, her one and only focus is living life the way she wants to....

    Format: Book

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  • Breaking All the Rules

    Breaking All the Rules

    Andrews, Amy

    A frustrated, middle-aged corporate worker decides she's had enough and moves to the middle of nowhere so she can have beer for breakfast, wear yoga pants all day, and have an affair with a junior cop.

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  • Sweeter Than Chocolate

    Sweeter Than Chocolate

    Shane, Lizzie

    "Lucy's chocolate shop, How Sweet It Is, has been in her family for generations...along with the secret recipe for Cupid chocolates. Rumor has it that if you eat one on February 14, you'll meet your soulmate. Lucy herself isn't sure if it's magic or just romantic optimism, but a family legend is at stake...Dean, an ambitious and skeptical TV reporter, doesn't like the idea of a business taking advantage of romantic desperation. He doesn't count on Lucy joining him as he tracks down and interviews couples supposedly brought together by the chocolates. Together, they find that the truth can be...

    Format: Book

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  • Dear Henry, Love Edith

    Dear Henry, Love Edith

    Kinzer, Becca

    "After a short and difficult marriage, recently widowed Edith Sherman has learned her lesson. Forget love. Forget marriage. She plans to fill her thirties with adventure. As she awaits the final paperwork for a humanitarian trip to South Africa, she accepts a short-term nursing position in a small Midwestern town. The last thing she needs is a handsome local catching her eye. How inconvenient is that?"--Page 4 of cover.

    Format: Book

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  • The Courtship Plan

    The Courtship Plan

    Fuller, Kathleen

    "When confirmed Amish bachelor Jesse Bontrager is set up with a woman determined to stay unmarried, sparks ignite as they seek harmless revenge on his prankster brother"--

    Format: Book

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