• The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko

    The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko

    Attico, Derek Tyler

    "The fascinating life of Starfleet's celebrated captain, and Bajor's Emissary of the Prophets, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."--Publisher's description.

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  • The Fungus

    The Fungus

    Knight, Harry Adam

    When a brilliant scientist seeking to solve the problem of world hunger tries to create giant mushrooms through genetic manipulation, what could possibly go wrong?The mutated spores escape the lab and spread across all of England. Toadstools grow to twenty feet tall, and a case of athlete's foot can mean a grisly and horrible death.But those who die quickly are the lucky ones. Those who survive infection by the fungus will be transformed into something unthinkably monstrous ...With a perfect mix of nightmarish horror and black humor, Harry Adam Knight's cult classic The Fungus (1985) will grow on you. This...

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  • The Lost Cause

    The Lost Cause

    Doctorow, Cory

    "America, a generation from now. Brooks Palazzo is part of "the first generation not to fear the future." When his parents died in a recent epidemic, he moved in with his grandfather in Burbank, California, City of Progress. For Brooks and his generation, climate change isn't controversial. It's just an overwhelming fact of life. And so are the great national and international efforts to mitigate it. Entire cities are being moved inland from the rising seas. Vast clean-energy projects are springing up everywhere. The effort is global, and it employs everyone who wants to work. Even when national politics oscillate...

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  • Plastic


    Guild, Scott

    "For fans of Interior Chinatown and American War, a surreal, hilarious, and sneakily profound debut novel that casts our current climate of gun violence and environmental destruction in a surprising new mold. Erin is a plastic girl living in a plastic world. Every day she eats a breakfast of boiled chicken, then coveys her articulated body to Tablet Town, where she sells other figurines Smartbodies: wearable tech that allows full, physical immersion in a virtual world, a refuge from real life's nuclear wars, oppressive governmental monitoring, and omnipresent eco-terrorist insurgency. If you cut her, she will not bleed - but...

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  • In Ascension

    In Ascension

    MacInnes, Martin

    "An astonishing novel about a young microbiologist investigating an unfathomable deep vent in the ocean floor, leading her on a journey that will encompass the full trajectory of the cosmos and the passage of a single human life. Leigh grew up in Rotterdam, drawn to the waterfront as an escape from her unhappy home life and volatile father. Enchanted by the undersea world of her childhood, she excels in marine biology, traveling the globe to study ancient organisms. When a trench is discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, Leigh joins the exploration team, hoping to find evidence of Earth's first life...

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  • The Eye of Darkness

    The Eye of Darkness

    Mann, George

    "One year after the tragic events of The Fallen Star, the Jedi fight to break the Nihil's control over the galaxy"-- Provided by publisher.

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  • Orbital


    Harvey, Samantha

    "A singular new novel from Betty Trask Prize-winner Samantha Harvey, Orbital is an eloquent meditation on space and life on our planet through the eyes of six astronauts circling the earth in twenty-four hours. A slender novel of epic power, Orbital deftly snapshots a day in the lives of six women and men hurtling through space-not toward the moon or the vast unknown, but around our planet. Selected for one of the last space station missions of its kind before the program is dismantled, these astronauts and cosmonauts-from America, Russia, Italy, Britain, and Japan-have left their lives behind to travel...

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  • The Good, the Bad and the History

    The Good, the Bad and the History

    Taylor, Jodi

    "St Mary's is under investigation. Their director has been shot and Max is Number One Suspect. Can things get any worse? We all know the answer to that one. Max needs to get away -- fast -- and a Brilliant Idea soon leads her to a full-scale uprising in twentieth-century China. If she can come by a historical treasure or two in the process, even better. That is, if she makes it out alive. Then there's the small matter of Insight -- the sinister organisation from the future hell bent on changing History for their own dark ends. Having successfully...

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  • Inversions


    Banks, Iain

    "On a backward world with six moons, an alert spy reports on the doings of one Dr. Vosill, who has mysteriously become the personal physician to the king despite being a foreigner and, even more unthinkably, a woman. ... Elsewhere, in another palace across the mountains, a man named DeWar serves as chief bodyguard to the protector General of Tassasen."--Jacket.

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  • The Unvarnished Gary Phillips

    The Unvarnished Gary Phillips

    Phillips, Gary

    "Award winning author, screenwriter, and editor Gary Phillips gathers his most thrilling, outlandish, and madcap pulp fiction in a 17-story collection that straddles the line between bizarro, science fiction, noir, and superhero classics. In these pages, grindhouse melds with blaxploitation along with strong doses of B-movie hardcore drive-in fare. A must-read for lovers of pulp fiction"--Back cover.

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